CNCTools (light) is a toolset written in java to work on, transform, create and visualize G-Code. It's a toolset that allow you, the machinist to have a handly little tool to keep your snippets of G-Code away from your HD into a small tool.

The idea behind CNC Tools

The main reason why I created CNCTools is to allow me to store CNC operations in one single place rather then at various places on my HD.

What can CNCTools do?

CNCTools can operate or create (or you create) G-Code. At this moment (it's a alpha release) the number of operations are rather limited but I will sum then up (all 2 of them!) anyways:

  • It has a efficient way of making from a square piece of wood a round piece of wood.
  • It has a option to create your own G-Code 
  • Visualise G-Code
  • Project management
  • Multiple operations pr project

However, the above operations are not limited to do just this, some operations I am planning to add in the future are, place them in the order you like them to see added, mail me!

  • Create a option for facing
  • Create a option for simple pocketing
  • Tranform G-Code between different versions, for example transform G4/10 to G4 P10 (dwell 10 seconds to LinuxCNC notation)
  • offset X, Y, Z
  • Wrapping G-Code for indexer perpose
  • Simple DXF to G-Code transformer
  • Create your own dialogs in a simple manner so you can manipulate any G-Code template and modify parameters

License: BSD-3 


Screenshot of G-Code editor

CNCTools showing tool path to create round stock quire

Screenshot of Facing/Pocket operation

Facing/Pocket operation

Screenshot of Square to Round Operation

Square to round operation