I am Ries van Twisk, Software Engineer. I am originally from Schagen, a little town located in North Holland, Netherlands. Since I was very young I got this fascination for computers and all knowledge involved around them. As technology moves forward at incredible speeds, one needs to keep up learning and creating new solutions to satisfy our modern world's demands. Software development is a science which needs to be interpreted in the way the customer's needs require. And for achieving this, the success relies on keeping a good communication between developers and customers, this approach allows us both parts an excellent configuration and realization of our final goal: satisfaction of a job well done!

Getting a little bit more personal I may tell you that some of my hobbies which I enjoy the most tend to always be related with computer software creation or developing in one or another way, such as the building of my own CNC router called MechMate, and a project that I started in order to complement my knowledge for the using of this machine which became eventually into a free Open Source CAD application and nowadays we call it LibreCAD. This application is free to the people and we have a community of users, contributors and developers involved.

I am happily married to Karina and together we enjoy work and simple things in life such as a beautiful landscape or cooking dinner together. We are currently living in Julianadorp within biking distance to the beautiful beach here in North Holland.