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#typo3 IRC Log from : Sunday 26 June 2011

06:15 Deejaydee hey guys can someone help me with this? Oops, an error occured!
06:15 Deejaydee Database Error: The current username, password or host was not accepted when the connection to the database was attempted to be established!
06:17 Deejaydee no one?
11:04 cervera hello everyone
11:04 Denyerec hey
11:04 cervera Hello Den
11:05 cervera :)
11:05 cervera Any idea how much per hour a T3 integrator should ask per hour?
11:05 Denyerec At least £25 so I'm told
11:05 cervera I have got a friend who is willing to pass me work commissioned by big clients like Ericson
11:06 Denyerec but I'm poor
11:06 cervera ok so 25 is the lowest
11:06 Denyerec so not the best person to ask for advice on pricing!!
11:07 cervera so you would work for less? A lot of us are poor Den, globalism is eating up everyone who is not a banker
11:07 Denyerec What usually happens is a price is agreed, I go over that time/price, and don't have the balls to charge for the real amount of time
11:08 Denyerec Get too friendly with the client etc.
11:08 Denyerec And you are right, everyone who is not prepared to exploit the weak will be consumed.
11:08 Denyerec That's why I am racing to purchase a property right *now*, whilst things are still reasonably good.
11:09 cervera yes this is why increasing countries are going into revolutions
11:09 cervera a property is not going to save our asses by itself. Self-sustainable communities will.
11:10 Denyerec No, but at least when I lose my job to a cheap eastern country, I will not have to live on the street :)
11:11 cervera yeh, if you manage to pay the bank before that happens
11:11 Denyerec Yep
11:11 Denyerec I've got 3 years.
11:11 Denyerec It's not been easy :|
11:11 Denyerec Hey nd
11:11 cervera i send you a link to very informative speech
11:12 cervera
11:12 Denyerec *click*
11:12 cervera sit back and relax. 1s going to rock your world
11:12 Denyerec Cor the narrator has an irksome voice.
11:13 cervera :) the truth is irksome most of the times
11:13 Denyerec
11:13 Denyerec The transcript :)
11:57 cervera DEn?
11:59 cervera den?
12:00 Denyerec Ola
12:00 Denyerec I had to turn off highlighting of "Den" because of Ze Germans
12:00 Denyerec so only "Denyerec" works these days.
17:12 kristen-Shaw Hi guys
17:13 kristen-Shaw Can I ask you a question about exbase?
17:13 kristen-Shaw extbase*
17:25 UltimediaOS someone got trouble using openLDAP SSO and localization?
17:26 UltimediaOS Version 4.5 something
17:27 UltimediaOS extension: LDAP Authentification Service
17:45 UltimediaOS any issues known with localization and typo3 4.5.3 ?