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#typo3 IRC Log from : Thursday 2 June 2011

06:08 soee morning
07:14 koopa58 Good morning all. Anyone know if it is possible with RealURL to have pid/page specific unique aliases?
07:26 soee koopa58: what do you mean exactly? you can type in page properites alias
07:34 koopa58 Hi soee. Yes, but I have the following setup. I have 10 page-records that share one fixedPostVarSet. In there I reference a lookUpTable named 'categories'.
07:34 koopa58 Now the problem is that the categories are specific per page. I need them to be unique, so I use useUniqueCache. But they need to be unique per page they are create on (pid), not in the whole table.
07:35 koopa58 Right know I get the categories general, general-1 and general-2 for example.
07:35 koopa58 While the categories are in different pages (have different pid's)
07:36 koopa58 What I need is page1/general/, page2/general and page3/general :) Instead of page1/general/, page2/general-1 and page3/general-3
07:36 koopa58 Hope you understand. Sorry for the long text :)
07:41 FloLeBlanc hi all
07:41 FloLeBlanc did anyone migrate from sr_feuser_register to datamints_feuser yet?
07:45 soee koopa58: yes i know what you want to do but im not that expirienced with realurl :)
07:49 koopa58 soee: Okay.. thanks for confirming the problem/story then :) I'll wait for someone else. Do you know if Dimitry Dulepov (creator RealURL) ever joins this channel perhaps?
07:49 soee koopa58: dont think so
07:50 koopa58 ah okay
07:51 soee hmm my extension uses flexform to set it up, dont know why by one field/option is required to be set even i i didnt set it as required oO
07:51 soee *but
07:59 FloLeBlanc soee: check the flexform (if it is in the backend page TS), check if the database has it as not null
08:06 soee hmm if i remove this element next one is required than :/
08:07 soee (in flexform)
08:08 denyerec Mornin all
08:09 denyerec datamints_feuser?
08:09 denyerec What's this, a new fe_user extension?
08:09 FloLeBlanc denyerec: yes
08:09 denyerec is it any better? :D
08:09 FloLeBlanc according to "stories" I've heard - yes
08:09 denyerec woot!
08:11 mvta gm dudes
08:11 FloLeBlanc hi mvta
08:11 koopa58 morning y'all
08:13 mvta hey look this, is amazing
08:13 mvta
08:13 mvta I would like ext in typo3 that works equal
08:14 soee write your own :)
08:15 soee oke my problem solved
08:17 mvta maybe I wrote
08:17 mvta hey, anybody knows how make a fork ext?
08:18 mvta I saw an ext that does img hover based in typo3 ima effects
08:18 FloLeBlanc mvta: disturbing if you move the mouse fast :)
08:18 mvta yep
08:18 mvta I know, but I could do it better
08:18 mvta I would like do fork ext
08:20 soee FloLeBlanc: got a second ?
08:21 FloLeBlanc soee: think so
08:21 soee FloLeBlanc: this datamints fe user extension - you can create there additional fileds right ?
08:21 soee *fields
08:22 FloLeBlanc soee: you're asking the wrong person. I came here to ask about it too - I'm testing it atm :)
08:22 soee ah i was wondering how they are processing
08:22 soee how they are stored etc
08:23 denyerec mvta : just build your output in typo
08:23 denyerec and then write / steal the JS
08:23 denyerec :)
08:23 FloLeBlanc soee: no clue yet sorry
08:25 mvta denyerec: xd steal?
08:25 mvta ehm, I'm newbie in typo3 but I am good js developer
08:26 soee ah ok, thank you
08:29 denyerec Ok well mvta
08:29 denyerec You can use typo3 to output any markup you like
08:29 denyerec once you've got that markup
08:30 denyerec you can then apply any JS you like
08:30 denyerec So I guess what I'm suggesting is that you don't need an extension to do what you want
08:30 denyerec you just need to output N images in a grid
08:30 denyerec which any of the gallery extensions can do
08:30 denyerec *then* you write some JS magic to make it like the one you showed
08:49 mvta no, I would like work with CE
08:49 mvta like jfmulticontent
09:01 soee hmm when installing extension
09:01 soee user can set various options if we add them
09:01 soee is it good idea to set there uploads folder and allow user to change them?
09:20 FloLeBlanc did someone ever write a hook for datamints_feuser?
09:36 dokma denyerec: mate you know of any ext that would be suitable for keeping track of dance school membership with montly payments?
09:38 dokma anyone knows of a good ext for a dance school? track membership and fee payments and stuff like that?
09:38 dokma FloLeBlanc, elmargol, Guschtel, LordLamer, soee: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^33?
09:39 DarkStar1 hi. I'm new to typo3 and having installation problems. Essentially I can't install the blank package because I don't have permission, according to the 403 message but I can access a php file in the same folder.
09:39 soee dokma: dont think soe, thers no such extension in ter
09:40 dokma soee: do you think that there's anything similar that could be reworked
09:40 DarkStar1 when I say access I mean serve it
09:40 soee dokma: i think you can find some functionalities you need in other extensions
09:42 dokma soee: I'm browsing through but can't find anything that looks even remotely compatible
09:42 dokma and I hate to reinvent the wheel
09:44 DarkStar1 can anyone offer me some pointers as to how I can resolve this?
09:47 CaptnChaos m new to typo3 and was wondering how to do a simple typoscript template to display the content i entered into a page
09:47 CaptnChaos i created a page in the backend and added a left column and normal content but i cant figure out how to write a template that displays it, without doing html and css for the start
09:47 CaptnChaos i want to start just with typoscript and add later html and css to understand and learn typo3 step by step
09:48 soee DarkStar1: what permission error you have ?
09:48 DarkStar1 It just says forbidden when I try to access the install.php as per listed in the tutorial
09:49 DarkStar1 the web page returns a 403
09:49 soee DarkStar1: change permission than
09:49 DarkStar1 yet an index .php in the same folder is served
09:49 DarkStar1 I did.. rwx for everyone
09:49 DarkStar1 sorry I meant rw*
09:50 soee and execute ?
09:51 DarkStar1 hang on.. I think it's rwx*
09:52 DarkStar1 soee: yup it's rwx for everything
10:03 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: if you click on the root page - edit page - include static templates you should have 2 to 3 demo templates to choose from
10:03 FloLeBlanc those provide the basic TS to display the content
10:09 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc: WEB->Page->root page?
10:09 FloLeBlanc captnchaos: yes - "root page" beeing the top of your tree
10:09 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc: "Web>Page module
10:09 CaptnChaos Please click the page title in the page tree to the left to edit page content.
10:09 CaptnChaos "
10:10 FloLeBlanc click on the page
10:10 CaptnChaos i cant choose a template there
10:10 FloLeBlanc (root) - then "template"
10:10 FloLeBlanc "edit the whole template record"
10:10 CaptnChaos ok
10:10 FloLeBlanc includes => include static
10:11 FloLeBlanc there are some like hyper, green, first, etc.
10:11 FloLeBlanc if you include one of them you can test
10:11 CaptnChaos what has to be written in setup?
10:11 FloLeBlanc captnchaos: you can also google for "modern template building" and "futuristic template building" those tutorials should get you started
10:11 FloLeBlanc captnchaos: if you include one of the base templates the TS you need is included
10:11 FloLeBlanc it's like a "container" for ts
10:12 FloLeBlanc you can check out their code by "template" and select "template analyzer" in the dropdown at the top right
10:12 CaptnChaos i already read these tutorials.. but they are kind of old and i want a start from zero
10:13 CaptnChaos first fully understanding typoscript and than add html and css
10:13 FloLeBlanc captnchaos: they are both still valid, I would suggest futuristic template building though
10:15 CaptnChaos they again start with including html
10:15 CaptnChaos but i dont want html i want to understand where typo3 gets the content from
10:16 FloLeBlanc the content is stored in the database, language files are stored in xml files mostly, TS is a gigantic PHP array (with some entries providing functions)
10:16 CaptnChaos i want for now a basic setup where the text is plain written o my site just with typoscript
10:17 CaptnChaos ok i now have a page object and want to set the content of my left column to page.20.value
10:17 CaptnChaos or do i have to use .field?
10:17 CaptnChaos and what type has page.20 to be?
10:18 FloLeBlanc page.20 = TEXT / page.20.value = sometest
10:18 FloLeBlanc => typoscript datatypes
10:18 dokma DarkStar1: did you make it?
10:19 CaptnChaos than sometest is written to the page but i want to have written what i entered in the page edition site
10:19 DarkStar1 dokma: I think it might be an OSX issue.. so trying to eliminate that first
10:19 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: well for that purpose you normally use automaketemplate or templavoila
10:20 FloLeBlanc those come with TS templates, that you can check out in the analyzer and understand the TS behind it
10:20 dokma can you give me access so I can take a look?
10:20 CaptnChaos and how do i do that without tv?
10:20 FloLeBlanc if you want a "plain" access to the database you would need another content element that you normally do not use in "regular" typo3 editing
10:21 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: it's unfortunate that you are unwilling to check out perfect examples - I'll try to help you but I don't have the time to explain the whole automaketemplate to you :) I'll fetch an example for what you want just a sec
10:21 dokma DarkStar1: if you want you can give me access so I can take a look
10:22 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc: is just dont understand why i need an extension in order to display text in typo3?
10:23 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc:
10:23 CaptnChaos thats my current "page"
10:23 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: you dont' . what automaketemplate does is provide a TS Framework that does all the things you want to know with a preset TypoScript Template that you can include
10:23 FloLeBlanc if you check that out you'll find your answers
10:23 DarkStar1 dokma: Thx but I need to understand why I can't serve it first atm
10:23 CaptnChaos aha
10:23 CaptnChaos and whats tv?
10:24 dokma DarkStar1: are you root on the machine?
10:24 DarkStar1 dokma: then I will give you access If I can't resolve it
10:24 FloLeBlanc templavoila - uses a different mapping mechanism
10:24 DarkStar1 dokma: I'm on osx
10:24 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: here's your example (plain)
10:24 dokma DarkStar1: are you root?
10:24 FloLeBlanc you do a content element, select from a pid, render it with the help of the parseFunc of the rich text editor
10:24 FloLeBlanc but normally the extension (automaketemplate or tv) do that for you
10:25 CaptnChaos and how do i know the uid?
10:25 FloLeBlanc if you hover over the tree
10:26 FloLeBlanc it gets displayed
10:26 FloLeBlanc the code i posted uses this approach to fetch content from other pages for the current page
10:26 FloLeBlanc if I need CE's from the same page I just use automaketemplate :)
10:27 DarkStar1 dokma: yeah I can be
10:27 dokma DarkStar1: did you check apache logs? error log to be more specific?
10:31 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc: with templavoila it looks total different
10:32 FloLeBlanc of course - those are 2 different approaches. in templavoila you map the elements differently and don't have "fixed" columns
10:32 FloLeBlanc I'd recommend it for a fresh project over automaketemplate
10:32 FloLeBlanc but to "learn what is going on behind the scenes" analyzing the automaketemplate code is easier imho
10:33 CaptnChaos i just didnt get how to pull the data out of the database
10:33 FloLeBlanc depending on how you "fill" the typoscript array specific data is fetched from the db via php/mysql
10:34 FloLeBlanc this data is then rendered by the parsefunc of the RTE (strips specific attributes, html tags, etc. - depending on the configuration)
10:35 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc: Data Structure ERROR: No source value in fieldname "tx_templavoila_ds"
10:36 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: if you want to use templavoila please follow the tutorial - it works :)
10:37 FloLeBlanc,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a530775667e0f600&biw=782&bih=535 works too
10:46 CaptnChaos hm
10:47 CaptnChaos still dont get how to render the content of left colum with typoscript
10:47 CaptnChaos without automaketemplate or templavoila
10:51 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: it is still:
10:51 FloLeBlanc then page.20 < temp.content
10:52 FloLeBlanc if you only want the left column you have to add a setting in the "select" part - check TSRef for that
10:53 FloLeBlanc and here is the TSRef for you too:
10:53 FloLeBlanc with examples at the bottom
10:55 CaptnChaos ok but i want it dynamic
10:55 FloLeBlanc ?
10:55 CaptnChaos i mean you set a uid there
10:56 FloLeBlanc please please with sugar on top check out the example I posted in the tsref link at the bottom
10:56 CaptnChaos i have different pages with which the template should work, too
10:56 CaptnChaos :D ok
10:57 FloLeBlanc the example juast has 6 lines and takes the pidInList = this
10:57 FloLeBlanc -a
11:03 Guschtel dokma: minicrm or so?
11:04 CaptnChaos FloLeBlanc: thank you very much+
11:04 FloLeBlanc CaptnChaos: you are welcome
11:06 soee abyone familiar with IRRE ?
11:08 FloLeBlanc how can I check if a hook gets called?
11:11 mvta hey dudes, I have a css question, do anybody help me?
11:12 FloLeBlanc mvta: If you don'T post it we'll never know :)
11:12 mvta I would like that an element is to 180px left, but not always
11:12 mvta if resize windows to litter width
11:13 mvta then margin rigth: 768px
11:13 FloLeBlanc mvta: sounds like you need a % value
11:13 mvta I think that yes, % but it's fluid site
11:13 FloLeBlanc if you need exact px values you can check the size of the screen with javascript after resizing and then rewrite the css style for the element
11:14 mvta yes... it's other option, but I would like width css
11:14 mvta like min-height
11:14 mvta "min-margin-right"
11:14 FloLeBlanc mvta: min-height is not a good option, it's mozilla only
11:14 mvta only mozilla?
11:15 mvta I don't think
11:15 FloLeBlanc => sorry misremembered, no ie6 though :)
11:16 mvta I don't give support for older browsers
11:17 mvta In Spain, when DTVB come everybody payed for new dtvb sintonizers
11:18 mvta but, noooooo, anybody install new navigator that is free and you haven't pay
11:18 mvta i don't know if I explain me
11:20 FloLeBlanc hmm it is not even shown if I do a debug or print in ext_localconf *grumble*
11:21 mvta FloLeBlanc, do u understand me or my english is so bad?
11:21 FloLeBlanc mvta: I think I understood what you wanted to say :)
11:21 FloLeBlanc but sometimes I have a hard time hehe
11:21 FloLeBlanc but then again... I don't speak spanish very well in exchange
11:21 mvta XDD
11:22 mvta I speak always in present like
11:22 mvta xD
11:22 soee eee que passa?
11:22 mvta hola soee
11:22 mvta con una s, pasa
11:22 soee yo, woot ? :D
11:22 mvta XD
11:22 soee ah que pasa
11:22 mvta si
11:23 mvta eh!, ¡qué pasa!
11:23 soee por favor
11:23 mvta maurinhio ¿por qué? ¿por qué?
11:23 soee :)
11:23 mvta u saw soccer?
11:23 soee indeed
11:23 mvta or fútbol
11:24 FloLeBlanc don't call it soccer - that's what the yanks call it ;)
11:24 mvta ok
11:24 soee and tbh i dont like Murinhio or Real
11:24 FloLeBlanc Estoy bien!
11:24 soee Barca ftw :)
11:24 mvta I don't know if I am talking with European people or american
11:24 mvta xd
11:24 FloLeBlanc Necesito una cafe? (I don't have a clue - but I'll fetch a coffee)
11:25 mvta Murinhio said: "why?= why?"
11:25 mvta Necesito un café
11:25 DarkStar1 dokma: Ok I give up. I have exhausted my patience along with everything else
11:25 mvta I need go to launch..
11:25 mvta 35 minutes
11:25 mvta
11:25 dokma DarkStar1: that's good
11:25 DarkStar1 dokma: still a forbidden access issue
11:25 dokma DarkStar1: I love to peek into others peoples sites
11:25 dokma so give me the access on private
11:26 soee fix this if im wroing: murinhio es arrogante ? :)
11:26 FloLeBlanc mvta: thx
11:26 FloLeBlanc now I'll survive mexico
11:27 DarkStar1 dokma: I would except you would have to use teamviewer
11:27 dokma never tried that
11:27 dokma let me check out what it is
11:29 dokma it's available for debian
11:29 dokma DarkStar1: I'll install it
11:29 DarkStar1 ok
11:31 dokma DarkStar1: got it running
11:32 mvta FloLeBlanc I survived in Germany with "One of this, one of that. How much is it?" xd
11:32 mvta and danke
11:32 FloLeBlanc mvta: hehe
11:33 DarkStar1 dokma: don't know how to invite you to a private chat
11:33 mvta this summer I would like go to London
11:33 FloLeBlanc london is nice - my favourite city on "the island" is edinbourgh though
11:34 mvta but I think that I will not find me
11:58 FloLeBlanc someone who can help me with a hook for an extension please? (how to integrate it)
12:02 soee FloLeBlanc: maybe this will help:
12:03 FloLeBlanc soee: I already have: , but I seem to do something wrong when calling it
12:05 mvta bye dudes, see u later
12:05 FloLeBlanc mvta: cya
12:05 FloLeBlanc the hook is: if (is_array($GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF'][$this->extKey]['sendMail_htmlMail'])) and I set $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['datamints_feuser']['sendMail_htmlMail'] = 'EXT:extension/class.ext_sendMail_htmlMail.php:sendMail_htmlMail'; in ext_localconf.php
12:06 FloLeBlanc nevertheless I don't even get a "could not include xy" error
12:12 soee FloLeBlanc: take a look here also, i dont know german :)
12:12 soee
12:13 soee tbh i never used hooks only xclasses
12:16 FloLeBlanc hmm thx but the basics are clear, it's just that it won't work for me hehe
12:18 soee arfe you sure that hook exists in extension ?
12:20 FloLeBlanc yes I found it in the p1 file
12:20 FloLeBlanc hmm ... $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF'][$this->extKey]['sendMail_htmlMail'] => $this->extKey throws an error when I include it in the localconf
12:24 soee FloLeBlanc: what error?
12:25 FloLeBlanc Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /var/www/web6/html/jpotneu/typo3conf/temp_CACHED_FE_psb4c8_ext_localconf.php on line 1156
12:26 FloLeBlanc to my understanding this would happen because there is no instance of the class - but every tutorial writes the inclusion that way too :)
12:30 soee change $this->extKey to extension key
12:30 FloLeBlanc if I change it to: $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['datamints_feuser']['sendMail_htmlMail'][] = 'EXT:extension/class.ext_sendMail_htmlMail.php:sendMail_htmlMail'; I get no error, but no inclusion either
12:31 soee maybe try to echo some value in hook class to see if its shown
12:32 FloLeBlanc did that - I even tried to force an error with klöjhdsfkhdshfdsafds in the class :)
12:33 FloLeBlanc due to my understanding $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['datamints_feuser']['sendMail_htmlMail'][] = 'EXT:extension/class.ext_sendMail_htmlMail.php:sendMail_htmlMail'; should include class.ext_sendMail_htmlMail.php which is in the directory datamints_feuser
12:34 FloLeBlanc aaaaaaah finally an output at least
12:35 FloLeBlanc removed the redirect after the registration at least the debugging is shown now
12:36 soee :)
12:46 FloLeBlanc hmm ok I have t3lib_div::callUserFunction($_funcRef, $_params, $this); and $_funcRef contains: EXT:extension/class.ext_sendMail_htmlMail.php:sendMail_htmlMail => this should call the function "sendMail_htmlMail" in the said file?
13:01 FloLeBlanc I will be known to history as the man who could not include a simple hook lol
13:07 soee :)
13:10 FloLeBlanc well I took a step forward again at least - thx soee have a nice day I'm off :)
13:11 soee cu
13:14 denyerec dokma:
13:14 denyerec Sorry man, I don't seem to have alerts working properly in IRC here
13:14 denyerec so I didn't see you :(
13:27 DarkStar1 dokma: Still trying to solve that symlink issue :) but I did get xdebug installled with no issues
13:27 DarkStar1 dokma: thx
13:31 andrei_ hello. can anyone help me understand how (or IF) I can customize from TS the stdWrap for section_frame and header_layout ?
13:31 andrei_ I have something like this:
13:32 andrei_
13:33 andrei_ I've tried setting the key.field in the same CASE statement
13:33 andrei_ or separate
13:33 andrei_ not working either way
13:34 andrei_ no one online ?
13:36 andrei_ I've found someone that had the same problem. but no solution in this post
13:39 andrei_ :(
13:47 andrei_ eh. thanks
14:24 koopa58 Hi all. Anyone know the answer to this RealURL problem I have? :)
14:29 zgaga I noticed that content doesn't appear on page if left & normal & right aren't filled in with some data
14:29 zgaga anyone else with this experience?
15:45 dokma .
15:45 dokma what happened in 4.5.3 ???? my database got created with latin1 as default charset
15:45 dokma now I can't enter any non latin1 characters
15:47 dokma denyerec, elmargol, Guschtel, LordLamer, ries, soee: what is this with database being created in latin1 in 4.5.3 ????
15:47 dokma I cannot put anything non latin1 into the database now...
15:48 ries dokma: I du not know...
15:48 dokma do you have any 4.5.3 installs?
15:49 dokma anyone here with a working 4.5.3 that uses non latin1 text ??
15:53 ries dokma: I would be more worried about my current dataset
15:54 dpino hello
15:55 dpino I'm replacing the value of TCA[table_name][ctrl][label] to show a text field of the table instead of uid
15:55 dpino this is handy when showing a list of values in a select box for instead
15:56 dpino the point is that I'd like to specify two fields and not just one
15:56 dpino is it anyway of doing this
15:56 dpino ?
15:56 koopa58 dpino: You can use label-alt-force
15:57 dpino koopa58: sounds interesting, never heard of it
15:57 dpino what's for?
15:58 koopa58 You can use it to set an alternative field to display. But you can also let it force and display the normal and alternative field seperated with a comma. See here:
15:59 koopa58 look at label_alt and label_alt_force :)
15:59 dpino good
15:59 dpino going to try it
16:00 koopa58 sure, hope it is what you'r looking for
16:01 soee dokma, you can also use user func
16:03 dpino koopa58: perfect, it worked :)
16:03 dpino thank you very much!
16:03 koopa58 dpino: great, no problem :)
17:40 dokma elmargol, Guschtel, LordLamer, ries, soeem: I've had a hacker gain read/write on /var/www with a bunch of TYPO3 installations and on non TYPO3 (through which the penetration was obtained)
17:40 ries dokma: that sucks!
17:40 dokma now I'm thinking of where I can tighten security and have figured out that removing write permissions as much as possible is a good start
17:41 dokma ries: do you remove all write permissions on typo3 sources ??
17:41 ries if you can, run each website under it's own user
17:41 ries dokma: ususally I do, I install rypo3 under account not writable by the webserver
17:41 dokma ries: this is a dedicated server that I maintain myself
17:41 dokma so I would have to figure out how to do that....
17:41 ries and I ALWAYS use shell-logins and never ever in my live use panel software (cPanel etc) they suck
17:42 dokma I don't have cpanel
17:42 ries dokma: chown/chmod are your friends
17:42 dokma this is a debian system that is reduced to only about 400 installed packages
17:42 dokma everything is minimized to the absurdity
17:42 ries I also use tools that can monitor changes on the filesystem
17:42 dokma so now I'm thinking chmod -R g-r on typo3 sources
17:42 dokma they are in group www-data
17:43 dokma and the owner is another user
17:43 dokma that is g-w
17:43 dokma to remove write on the sources
17:43 dokma ries: do you know if that can break anything?
17:45 stevep Hi all
17:45 dokma ries: you still here?
17:45 stevep i have a few users with admin privileges, but they cannot see the regular fileadmin/ folder in Filelist
17:46 ries dokma: that shouldn't break anything
17:46 ries as long as the webserver can read from it
17:46 dokma great
17:47 ries but cannot write, you shuld be good
17:47 dokma I'm doing it right now
17:49 stevep_ i have a few users with admin privileges, but they cannot see the regular fileadmin/ folder in Filelist, does anyone know this issue?
18:00 soee stefan-__, do they have proper permissions ?
18:10 Guschtel dokma: permissions aren't your problem. keep your typo3 installations up-to-date
18:10 Guschtel dokma: maybe you have some unsecure extensions
18:11 Guschtel additionaly i'm running mod_evasive, my php is hardened, etc.
18:11 stevep Do i need to run the cleanup commands on the db perhaps?
18:11 stevep if i have admin users who can't see fileadmin/
20:29 MAWS Hi there
20:30 MAWS Where can I check the security settings for the extensions in T3 4.5?
20:58 zgaga Does anyone know how far is translation of book Future proof TYPO3-extensions with Extbase and Fluid?
21:00 soee no idea zgaga
21:07 mayeco page.includeCSS.101 =
21:07 mayeco "" is not a file (non-uploads/.. resource, did not exist).
21:07 mayeco why is that? anyone know
21:08 mayeco page.includeCSS.102 =
21:19 MAWS I have only 1626 extesnions available... but that should be more or?
23:28 dokma sh*t... I almost won first place in dance competition....
23:28 dokma ended up second
23:29 Denyerec Dang!
23:29 Denyerec Still, good effort! :)
23:29 dokma yeah..... 1st place 180?
23:29 dokma second nothing
23:29 dokma and I didn't get the number of the chick I wanted
23:29 dokma I suck ass
23:32 andreivu hi
23:32 Denyerec Well dok, you're still a better dancer than me
23:32 Denyerec and than most, I expect
23:33 Denyerec and a better developer too :)
23:33 Denyerec Sooooo don't be all sad!
23:33 dokma maybee... still... winning matter at the end of the day
23:35 Denyerec and for me... sleeping
23:35 Denyerec :D
23:35 Denyerec catch you tomorrrow dok!
23:35 dokma heheh :D nite mate
23:36 dokma talk to you soon