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#typo3 IRC Log from : Tuesday 12 July 2011

06:08 mvta morning mates
06:19 soee morning
06:49 mvta soee: morning
06:50 mvta could you help me? I need change doctype to <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML+RDFa 1.0//EN" "">
06:52 soee mvta: and whats the problem ?
06:53 mvta I would like put this doctype
06:53 mvta I'm looking for
06:53 mvta config.doctype = xhtml+rdfa
06:53 mvta config.namespaces {
06:53 mvta dc =
06:53 mvta foaf =
06:53 mvta sioc =
06:53 mvta }
06:53 mvta sorry
06:53 mvta so many lines
06:55 mvta but don't work
06:57 mvta :(
06:58 soee mvta: try config.doctype= xhtml+rdf_10
06:59 mvta don't work for me
07:00 mvta maybe I nee[13:00] <iaj> soee; ^^
13:03 soee iaj: hmm not sure how powermail operates on forms and what influence reference will have on validation etc
13:03 notze soee your question brought me on the right way
13:03 notze i got it
13:04 notze last problem is that i cant change texcolor and size in the RTE
13:04 notze *grrr*
13:04 iaj soee; ill just give it a try
13:04 soee notze: why cant you ? thers no such option ?
13:05 notze looks like a bunch if work to change it
14:48 BenjaminS saedelaere: [globalVar = TSFE:id = <id>]
14:49 saedelaere BenjaminS, Do I put this in the root template?
14:49 BenjaminS there are difference ways to do this
14:49 BenjaminS i will put something on pastebin
14:51 BenjaminS
15:35 CaBa hi
15:35 CaBa is there any built in support or recommended extension for user staistics?
15:38 dbugger hello, can someone please help me set up cron to automatically send emails with direct mail?
15:57 kggle Im using flexforms with select and foreign table, but if i save and reload the page the selected item isnt selected anymore, any ideas how to solve this? thanks
16:53 iaj hm can someone tell me, I just need to put up a little page.. TYPO is already up so I could load some .t3d or sth...
16:53 iaj Are there some packages with templates for typo3 sites? Including menus and stuff?
17:29 devcow has somebody the image processing running on ubuntu 11.04 64bit i have trouble to fix this.
17:31 iaj Bah all of those sites are made with TV :(
17:48 iaj Do you guys recommen getting the hang of TV?
17:48 iaj good start :|
18:03 dokma iaj: I don't
18:04 dokma I did one medium site with it and it provided no benefit over automaketemplate approach
18:05 iaj Hmmm I dont now automaketemplate either... I just didnt want to go through the trouble of creating a iste from scratch again... Instead I was looking for some template.. but all templates I found were with TV
18:05 iaj So I gave it a try
18:05 iaj however, after importing .t3d and adjusting fileadmin/ stuff.. still get that erro
18:05 iaj r
18:05 dokma pluging a template with automake template is 20 minutes at most
18:06 dokma you just mark the parts where the dynamic content goes and then tell TYPO3 to replace it with whatever you have
18:08 iaj dokma; hmmm really? How do you do that `mark' ?
18:10 iaj nvm, got it... :S
18:17 dokma iaj: just moment chick on the phone....
18:20 iaj lolz
18:20 iaj ;D
18:21 dokma iaj: if you have div id="someid" then in typoscript you have = 1 in the plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1
18:22 dokma and then lib.mainTemplate = TEMPLATE lib.mainTemplate.template =< plugin.automaketemplate_pi1
18:22 dokma and then you fill them with lib.mainTemplate.subparts.someid < styles.content.get
18:22 dokma iaj: that's it
18:23 dokma there is a nasty trick with it that can make you pull your hair .... the div must not be empty
18:26 iaj Hmm... don't quite get it yet... where do I have the div id=someid?
18:28 iaj I mean.. I dont get that subparts part... styles.content.get would include all the stuff from CE?
18:37 iaj Hm, is TV mainly about editing XML?
18:41 Denyerec nope
18:41 Denyerec it's about not coding much
18:41 Denyerec preferably
18:43 iaj that Data Structure XML - aint that the main part that's about to be changed?
18:45 Denyerec yeah but with TV that's usually built by pointing and clicking
18:46 iaj ohhh... Okay I couldnt find that one
18:46 iaj So you have a .html template.. and then use TV to replace specified contents out of it?
18:48 Denyerec Yep
18:48 Denyerec and in the TV module, you don't do much more than point and click on the HTML elements you want to use.
18:48 Denyerec You should read the (Admittedldy very out of date) Futuristic Template Building tutorial
18:50 iaj Sth one really ought to get used to... but could save some work I suppose :D
18:51 Denyerec I use it on my sites, seems easy enough to me.
18:51 Denyerec Other people prefer the old way
18:51 Denyerec BUt I guess that's the good thing with Typo
18:51 Denyerec you can at least choose :)
18:51 iaj Hehe.... yeah... hmmm.. I'll give it a try at my new site and then find out... But I really need to read up first, ye
18:55 Denyerec Mooo
18:58 kevke Denyerec, thanks again for yesterday
18:59 kevke works like a charm
18:59 Denyerec Get it all sorted?
18:59 Denyerec Sweet
18:59 kevke However, could you give a hand with iframes?
18:59 Denyerec iframes?
18:59 Denyerec Are you building a time machine ?
19:00 kevke I have a whitelabeled bookingsite for flights, and want to implement it
19:00 Denyerec Right
19:01 Denyerec Could you insert the iFrame in a standard HTML content element
19:01 Denyerec or do you need more control ?
19:01 kevke So when I put it in a frame, the frame cut it, is there a way to let the frame's height be dynamic?
19:03 Denyerec not sure I understand
19:03 kevke do me the favour and test it out you will se what I mean, i'll post a link right away
19:03 Denyerec k
19:07 kevke
19:07 kevke try a flight, e.g New York to Winnipeg or what ever
19:08 Denyerec I see
19:08 Denyerec so the contents of the iframe grow larger than the iframe
19:08 kevke indeed
19:08 Denyerec ?
19:08 Denyerec [20:02] <Denyerec> not sure I understand
19:08 Denyerec
19:08 Denyerec Stackoverflow provides.
19:09 kevke you are an angel