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#typo3 IRC Log from : Thursday 17 February 2011

06:15 andreivu test
07:17 aterriblechaos good morning #typo3 !
08:04 dc Hello fellows
08:05 dc I have a quick question: Is it possible to get records w/ a custom query that does not check for current PID, but only if a certain value of the ce is true?
08:06 dc Scenario: I have added the field 'startsite' to the tt_content table, and also modified the BE, so you can select true/false for this value in the general settings for each CE
08:07 FloLeBlanc hi all
08:07 dc Now i just need a way to correctly fetch it from the db -> preferrably using TS
08:09 ndee hey there, how can I allow iframe tags in RTE? I followed<removed>/... but the iframe tag still gets converted to &lt;iframe&gt; :/
08:09 FloLeBlanc dc:
08:10 dc so far, I have added a condition for the startpage, and cleared the marker setup for the section of content -> since I cant find anythin on the web, does anyone have an idea how to accomplish what i need?
08:10 FloLeBlanc andWhere with your startpage parameter
08:11 FloLeBlanc I think you can omit pidInList but you'll have to try that
08:12 dc damn ctrl+w ^^
08:13 dc FloLeBlanc: thank you, but -> # pidInList points to the uid of the record you like to show pidInList = 368 <- exactly what I'm trying to avoid...
08:13 FloLeBlanc As I stated I think you can omit it - can't you?
08:14 dc i guess i missed that message.. i accidentally hit ctrl-w on the web-irc ;)
08:14 dc but, how would i omit it?
08:15 aterriblechaos dc: select { pidInList = 0 recursive = 5 } should work
08:15 dc oic, thats the key..
08:24 dc aterriblechaos: -> thank you very much! works perfect!
08:46 FloLeBlanc hey Denyerek
08:49 HardPhuck Den-tha-man! :)
08:51 FloLeBlanc whose man?
08:54 Denyerek ;)
08:54 Denyerek mornin' chaps
08:56 soee morning
08:57 FloLeBlanc hi soee
09:10 rmetzger Hey, I'm new to typo3. I'm trying to build an extension with extbase/fluid. I've created an extension with kickstarter. I'm getting this error message:
09:10 rmetzger Required argument "name" was not supplied.
09:11 rmetzger it's a Tx_Fluid_Core_Parser_Exception
09:12 elmargol I copied an element from one page to another and now all translations of this elements are shown at the same time :(
09:25 elmargol i have bug #0002142 :(
09:33 FloLeBlanc Did anyone manage to configure direct_mail in a way that enforces sendmail -f to get the bounces to a specific adress?
09:40 Denyerek Do any of you guys use xCache?
09:42 Provito sure
09:43 Provito I switched to it from turk
09:48 aterriblechaos a extbase question .. i want to have a select box in the frontend to select the ordering .. should i write own methods in the repository or is there a better way do do a $repository->setOrderings =
09:49 Denyerek Provito: When I upload a new file, the server still serves the cached script until its TTL expires or until I flush the cache.
09:49 Denyerek This is somewhat expected behaviour, but do you know if there is a way to prevent it? EG checking the mtime of the file or such?
09:50 Denyerek We had a situation this morning when we were uploading amended scripts and they were not running until the cache was cleared, as the cache was serving up the old one.
10:06 MarcelT3 hello everybody
10:13 Provito Denyerek: xcache.stat = On
10:14 soee hmm, can i replace some sign in string using TS ?
10:15 soee hmm stdWrap offers replacement i think
10:16 soee not
10:19 eichie hello. Please, can anyone help me with the new backend layout? .. how can i use the belayouts global for all pages? thank you very much for reply
10:22 aterriblechaos soee: i think you can do that with parseFunc.short or stdWrap.split
10:38 totophe Hello there
10:40 totophe Does someone have time to help me with a small issue I have with one website we have in typo3 ? Basically I have to change a sentence in the footer, but I do not find were are the templates or the thing I have to modify...
10:41 aterriblechaos totophe: try to look at fileadmin/templates .. your footer could also be somewhere in the backend, use the search on top left to search the database for this text
10:44 totophe aterriblechaos: Thanks for your help. I've already found the fileadmin/templates. I see somethink like <!--###DISCLAIMER### start-->
10:44 totophe Don't find the search tool in the backend though
10:46 totophe ... Just find my answer :-) Thanks aterriblechaos anyway
10:48 aterriblechaos search tool is on top right, very handy
10:49 totophe No search tool then :-) Running Typo3 3.8.1
10:50 eichie how can i use my backend layouts in all pages in my pagetree, without copy these backend layouts in each page?
10:51 aterriblechaos totophe: dinosaur release!! you should update .. search can be found in List module, bottom
10:53 aterriblechaos eichie: set Backend Layout (subpages of this page) on the root page
10:57 eichie hello aterriblechaos, thanks for your answer, with that i can define only one layout for all subpages, but not the selection of all my generated backend layouts in "Backend Layout (this page only)"
10:59 soee aterriblechaos: do you have some sample code with parseFunc.short ? i cant make it work
11:01 aterriblechaos soee: have a look at
11:03 _ramo1 how do i get a "GET" parameter ? with t3lib_div::_GPvar('...'); ?
11:05 PiMB depends on the parameter and where you're getting it
11:05 aterriblechaos _ramo1: t3lib_div::_GPvar is deprecated, use t3lib_div::_GP()
11:05 _ramo1 ah yeah
11:05 _ramo1 .. :) thank you
11:06 MarcelT3 the recommendation is, if you know that u only accept GET params, use t3lib_div::_GET()
11:07 PiMB but if you have your own custom extension (old fashion at least) and you make good use of your pi_vars you can get stuf using $this->piVars['getKey']
11:07 PiMB where getkey obviously is the key you need
11:08 _ramo1 hm
11:08 _ramo1 PiMB: i guess i'm not doing a good use of pi_vars (don't know how and where to set them) :)
11:09 _ramo1 MarcelT3: than i use the recommendation
11:10 _ramo1 and how do i define a marker in a <a href="" tag in a template? i did something like: <a href="###MARKER###"> and set the value in my frontedn... but in the link it still show http://..... /###MARKER###
11:10 SargoDarya_ Hey guys, have a problem with T3 4.5 on Mac OS SL. It says the page is not configured even if I have a simple page=PAGE page.10 = TEXT page.10.value = Hello World Template
11:11 _ramo1 ah, my fault...
11:11 _ramo1 all is running correct
11:11 MarcelT3 do you guys know of a good management extension for TemplaVoila? like if you have 100+ template objects and stuff, things get confused and i´d like to migrate all those templates to, let´s say, five templates... is there something out already?
11:11 soee aterriblechaos: i can change letters but no signs like: | or / any idea why ?
11:12 MarcelT3 soee you might have to use char for this approach. maybe then it works.
11:12 SargoDarya_ It's funny because it worked yesterday and all of a sudden BAM it doesn't work
11:12 SargoDarya_ Aaah Typo3, y u no can't work out of the box?
11:13 HardPhuck SargoDarya_: any extensions added?
11:13 MarcelT3 SargoDarya_: does the template you refer to have the checkbox "root template" checked?
11:15 MarcelT3 i´m about to write a script that automates the remapping inside the templavoila xml for a template object, but i can´t believe that no one already did this :)
11:16 _ramo1 what should i use, when i want to link to another page via a link... pi_getPageLink?
11:17 aterriblechaos eichie: now i get your problem, use page tsconfig to limit the backend ..
11:17 SargoDarya_ HardPhuck MarcelT3: Root Template is checked, no extension added since it worked the last time
11:18 HardPhuck remove typo3conf/temp* files
11:18 MarcelT3 domain record? changes at the server?
11:18 HardPhuck clear cache
11:18 aterriblechaos _ramo1: i just use everything from $this->cObj ... $this->cObj->typolink('i will link to a site',array('parameter','1')); .. what i do most of the time is to configure the params for typolink in ts
11:19 SargoDarya_ it's currently running on localhost, I removed all cached files
11:19 SargoDarya_ What's weird is that it states The page is not configure! [type= 0][]
11:19 aterriblechaos soee: for the special chars you need to use split, just as in the forum example i posted before
11:20 MarcelT3 page.typeNum = 0
11:21 _ramo1 hm, is this not the correct syntax of it? $this->pi_getPageLink('151','', array("action" => 'testme'));
11:22 SargoDarya_ MarcelT3: I give it a try although this normally shouldn't be an issue
11:23 MarcelT3 well, i don´t know it different than to define the typeNum for TYPO3 root template
11:24 aterriblechaos SargoDarya_: had the same problem a couple of days ago on my windows dev machine, had to uninstall realurl ...
11:25 SargoDarya_ I don't even have realurl currently installed
11:25 aterriblechaos try to rename the .htaccess than
11:26 SargoDarya_ there's no htaccess
11:26 aterriblechaos hm ok .. make shure that on the root page is only 1 template
11:28 _ramo1 where's my fault? i'm doing a <a href="###ACTIONURL###">###ACTIONLABEL###</a> and in the code i do a $marker['###ACTIONLABEL###'] = 'Take Action'; $marker['###ACTIONURL###'] = $this->pi_getPageLink(151, array("action" => 'testme')); but all i'm getting in the link is http://myserver/t3
11:28 MarcelT3 there may be numerous templates at the root page, but i´d commend to have only one (the first) of them marked as "root template"
11:28 SargoDarya_ OMG.. I got it
11:29 MarcelT3 tell us :)
11:29 SargoDarya_ and I think it is a serious flaw in the TypoScript parser.
11:29 eichie thx aterriblechaos, but these codes remove specific backend layouts, i would like to integrate all backend layouts in the root page and/or sysfolder in all pages, i dont know how to do this
11:29 PiMB I'm interested
11:29 PiMB what is is SargoDarya_?
11:29 eichie i can add these over addItems, but i lost the flexibility
11:30 SargoDarya_ PiMB: I normally comment my TypoScript into Sections so I have like /* SECTION bla */
11:30 SargoDarya_ However this time I did /** SECTION bla **/
11:30 SargoDarya_ And guess what happened.
11:30 PiMB it parses the commented section?
11:30 SargoDarya_ No, he opens the comment but never closes it again
11:31 MarcelT3 in TS it´s enough to just put a # char before the line.
11:31 SargoDarya_ MarcelT3: I know, but not if you want to do multiline comments
11:31 PiMB @ _ramo1 Is it save to assume that page 151 is available ?
11:31 SargoDarya_ that's just dumb if you can use /*
11:31 PiMB like, for the user, and everything else
11:32 MarcelT3 well, i´ll remember not to use /** then ^^
11:32 PiMB ah okay, so /* is multiline, but you shouldn't put the */ on the same line, because its commented then
11:32 PiMB nice :)
11:32 _ramo1 PiMB: yeah, i thought about that too... and no, 151 is just to registered users available :)
11:32 aterriblechaos eichie: if you creat the backend layouts on root page they are available for all subpages
11:32 _ramo1 again, my fault...
11:33 eichie no, it does not
11:33 SargoDarya_ PiMB: no
11:33 PiMB @ _ramo1 nevermind, just slap yourself and move on :)
11:33 SargoDarya_ it just doesn't recognize the **/
11:33 PiMB :)
11:33 SargoDarya_ However it should immediately end the comment when receiving */
11:33 _ramo1 and PiMB... what about the pi_vars *slap*
11:34 PiMB well pivars are a nice way to make get/post variables available for a specific extension
11:34 PiMB I will explain in PM, otherwise I will cluther op the screen :)
11:34 dc Hello there
11:34 PiMB hi
11:34 dc quick question about if (TS)
11:34 FloLeBlanc After updating direct_mail my cron gets a: require_once(//t3lib/class.t3lib_div.php) error - (wrong path) did anyone experience that problem yet?
11:35 PiMB hmm
11:35 aterriblechaos eichie: in my install it does not matter where in the page tree i create a backend layout, its available everywher
11:35 PiMB I think I did yeah
11:35 FloLeBlanc PiMB: and were you able to solve it?
11:35 PiMB @FloLeBlanc, I'm not sure what the solution was. Might just be that I ended up rewriting the path to t3lib_div in the directmail
11:35 PiMB I got it working, that's for sure
11:35 FloLeBlanc PiMB: I hoped to avoid that
11:36 PiMB anything on our friend google?
11:36 PiMB I understand ;)
11:36 dc i cant seem to get a working construct.. what I'm trying to realize is that tt_content entries with the value '1' set for 'startsite' have their wraps adjusted..
11:36 eichie i use the currend svn trunk (4.5.1-dev) and (4.5.0 default) .. both with the introduction package, in both versions it doesn't
11:37 aterriblechaos im not using intro package, 4.6dev from some days ago
11:37 MarcelT3 speaking of the 4.5.1 is there a date known for release?
11:37 eichie when i create backend layouts and write in the pagets following:
11:37 eichie TCEFORM.pages.backend_layout.addItems.4 = Layout 1
11:37 eichie TCEFORM.pages.backend_layout.addItems.5 = Layout 2
11:38 eichie maybe a bug, .. i check this now with a blank installation .. thank you for your help :)
11:38 dc this is what i got so far:
11:40 dc but for some reason, the crop & wrap are applied to all content-elements this way, instead of only the ones with startsite:1=true
11:40 ndee anyone into templavoila and sections? I created a section, a CO which should hold repeatable elements. I can create multiple elements in the BE but in the frontend, it doesn't get rendered at all. Anyone knows what that could be?
11:41 SargoDarya_ PiMB: you were right
11:41 SargoDarya_ it comments out the whole first line without checking for the closing tag
11:41 PiMB what I thought ;)
11:42 PiMB same with multiline declarations
11:42 PiMB if you do a page.10.value ( Hello World
11:42 dc @ndee.. you shoule check your DS (Data-Structure, XML) of the TemlaVoila! Template.
11:42 ndee dc, what do I have to look for?
11:42 PiMB the hellow world is ignored, because of the ( which indicates a newline decleration
11:42 SargoDarya_ TIL that you use multiline stuff only if you actually use multiple lines.
11:43 PiMB true
11:43 SargoDarya_ PiMB: that's plain stupid but ok..
11:43 PiMB I know :)
11:43 PiMB but it's like that
11:43 dc ndee: either you have the col-Position in the DS set up wrong, or the part is not mapped correctly to the template
11:45 ndee dc: <-- that is my DS. I couldn't find any reference to colPosition or col-position.
11:45 dc ndee: when 'Remapping' a template, click on 'Modify DS/TO', and edit the mapping marker entry in which the content is not being displayed.. -> then there should be a colpos setup under 'extra' .. (if you selected the correct type)
11:46 ndee dc, I don't have any extras, not in the "Section of elements", also not in the "Container for element"
11:47 SargoDarya_ I think something inside of me died when reading the last paragraph...
11:47 ndee dc, I'm still using templavoila 1.4.3 I have to say
11:47 ndee could that be a problem?
11:48 dc ndee, is the iface in english or german?
11:48 ndee dc, english
11:48 dc k, gimme a sec
11:48 ndee just updated it to the newest version, hope that helps :D
11:49 dc ok, that does help a lot, yes.
11:50 ndee 1.5.3 didn't work, since it's a 4.2 installation
11:50 ndee updated to 1.4.4 now
11:50 _ramo1 is it possible to retrieve a link on a page from an restricted page, where a user has at first to log-in , an the link from the restricted page is generated than?
11:52 Denyerek Provito: What does .stat actually DO
11:52 Denyerek I'm trying to find it on their Trac wiki without much success
11:53 dc ndee, you're not getting any pagecontent at all w/ that DS, korr?
11:53 ndee dc, I do get some output but not the "correct" output
11:55 dc ndee, ok, well.. all i can offer is to try and guide you, but i currently have only access to v 1.5.2
11:55 ndee dc, <-- that is my FCE-Template
11:56 ndee dc, in the hotspot_holder, the class="hotspot" should be a repeatable element.
11:57 ndee dc, so I made a section called hot spots holder and in that section a container of elements called hotspots, and in that CO, 2 attributes which are mapped to the input type hidden
11:57 ndee so that I could make several "hotspot"-DIVs
11:58 FloLeBlanc PiMB: seems like there is no option but hacking the code or writing a wrapper :(
11:58 ndee dc, I mapped the value attribute to a plain input field but in the FE, the mapped value doesn't show up at all.
11:59 dc like earlier -> 'Update mapping' -> 'Modify DS/TO' -> 'Mapping' -> 'Pencil Edit Icon of Element (field_maincontent?)' -> Element Preset: -> 'Page-Content Elements [Pos.: x]' <- set this according to colPos
12:00 ndee dc, I think I'm blind :/
12:01 ndee I gonna try templavoila 1.5.3, let me test that again
12:01 dc ndee, maybe it looks different.. but since I've never worked with TV<v1.5, i cant really help you out with 1.4x...
12:01 ndee dc, kk :)
12:01 ndee dc, lucky you ;)
12:01 dc ndee, hope that helps.. i'm on lunch now though.. good luck!
12:01 ndee dc, thanks a bunch! bon appetit
12:02 dc ndee, np, thx! ^^
12:10 FloLeBlanc hmm the problem seems to be that PATH_t3lib is wrong in the cron
12:10 PiMB ah, yeah
12:10 PiMB I believe that is because it doesn't have the constants set when you do it cron wise
12:11 FloLeBlanc so there is no way but hacking it anyways?
12:13 PiMB not sure, but it seems like it
12:16 PiMB I cannot seem to reproduce the error
12:16 PiMB long time i've seen the direct_mail problem
12:16 PiMB and in the dmailerd.phpcron there is a redeclaration of PATH_t3lib and stuff if it's not set yet
12:16 ndee iiiiiiiiiiiiit woooooooooooorks
12:16 PiMB @ FloLeBlanc
12:16 PiMB if (!defined('PATH_site')) define('PATH_site', dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(PATH_thisScript)))))).'/'); if (!defined('PATH_t3lib')) if (!defined('PATH_t3lib')) define('PATH_t3lib', PATH_site.'t3lib/');
12:16 PiMB should be good
12:20 FloLeBlanc PimB: thank you
12:20 PiMB np, good luck with it
12:20 PiMB let me know if you find something
12:29 SargoDarya_ T3O seems to become an awesome event in Typo3s history.
12:42 FloLeBlanc PimB: hmm... doesn't seem to work, get the same error but don't know why actually.. perhaps I'll have to hardcode the path
13:01 PiMB T3O is nice yeah
13:01 PiMB a lot of work has been done already
13:02 PiMB just implementing it now, and getting everything into one
13:07 yogg Hi
13:07 elmargol I show a random tt_news in a box on every page. is there a way to disable caching just for this box?
13:08 PiMB how do you do it?
13:08 elmargol what?
13:08 PiMB how do you display it randomly on every page?
13:08 elmargol
13:09 yogg Is it possible to give typo3 an prfefix that should be used in the database for the tables?
13:10 dc Hello back
13:10 PiMB elmargol, try to add a lib.newsLatest = USER_INT
13:11 elmargol PiMB, works :) thank you :)
13:11 PiMB @ elmargol
13:11 PiMB you could also try to work with temp.newsLatest
13:11 PiMB check the difference
13:11 PiMB
13:12 elmargol interesting
13:12 PiMB it is :)
13:12 ndee when I want to map an image in Templavoila, do I have to map the attribute src?
13:14 elmargol seems to make the page faster too...
13:14 PiMB :)
13:16 elmargol the random part is not real random is it?
13:16 elmargol it looks more like 4-5x the same and then 4-5x the other
13:16 PiMB you have 2 items?
13:16 elmargol yes
13:17 elmargol at the moment yes
13:17 PiMB pretty good change that that is random yeah
13:17 PiMB like having a dice with just number 1 and number 2
13:17 HardPhuck hmm galleries for T3 suck
13:17 PiMB change you throw 1 couple of times is pretty big
13:17 PiMB @ HardPhuck, true that
13:21 dc can someone please tell me why the following is not working, and how it SHOULD be set up? I can't figure it out, and the Output confuses me.. there's some really weird behavior
13:21 dc
13:22 HardPhuck i don't think there is tt_content top level object
13:22 ndee whenever I link an image in templavoila, it puts in the complete path (/var/html/...) instead of just the image path. Anyone had that before with templavoila? It's templavoila 1.4.4.
13:22 PiMB there is if you use css_styled_content
13:22 PiMB afaik
13:25 elmargol PiMB, If i generate a header image should i use lib or temp?
13:25 elmargol The header image is different on every page. and almost never changes
13:26 PiMB could use lib I guess
13:26 elmargol looks like this
13:26 FloLeBlanc PiMB: thx for the infos - works now.. had to "hack" the root path though :(
13:26 PiMB damn
13:26 PiMB that's nasty
13:26 PiMB well, glad it worked out
13:26 PiMB maybe report a bug?
13:26 FloLeBlanc and suddenly I have the author in the plaintext template version *sigh*
13:27 dc weird behavior: THIS: causes the following: 1st CE (imgtext) is rendered, 2nd 3rd etc. (text) are not rendered anymore...on the right column, another text+img is displayed correctly, with its text
13:27 dc and.. this weird behaviour is the main reason i'm confused ^^
13:29 PiMB probably means that the code is doing something wrong, so .text items are not rendered
13:29 aterriblechaos dc: thats because of the if ... = startsite will never be true. what is startsite? a field in the pages table? a templavoila field ?
13:31 aterriblechaos also, if you just want to change the rendering on one page i would use a TSFE:id condition and modifie tt_content for that page ..
13:33 elmargol are there any decent page loading benchmarks out there?
13:33 elmargol gogole webmaster tools complains about my loading speed
13:34 HardPhuck chrome developer tools :)
13:35 PiMB yslow firefox addon
13:35 HardPhuck give me the url and i'll tell you if it loads too slow :)
13:35 PiMB ;)
13:35 PiMB TYPO3 IRC list
13:36 dc aterriblechaos, startsite = a field in tt_content .. i got the if part working now, due to your hint..., but I'm still having a problem.. weird.. (I'll keep you updated)
13:37 aterriblechaos dc: if it is a field use if.value.field = startsite and it should display text elements only on fields with startsite checked ...
13:37 MateMK4 Hi :)
13:38 elmargol Is there a way to specifiy the caching for static files per path or how do i do that?
13:39 ndee dc, I updated to typo3 4.4 & templavoila 1.5.3, woohoo :D
13:39 MateMK4 I have a question... when using img preset in templavoila... the width and height of the image are defined in the final html... how to get rid of this?
13:40 dc nice goin @ndee I'm sure it'll be easier for you in general now..
13:40 ndee whenever I map an image in templavoila (1.5.3), it somehow puts the whole path (/var/www/html/typo3.../) instead of the relative path, anyone knows how to get around that?
13:40 ndee dc, that's what I hope :D
13:41 dc ndee, but why not t3 v4.5 lts?
13:41 ndee dc, 4.5 isn't too stable yet or so I've heard
13:41 dc ok.. I'm very happy with it so far ^^
13:41 ndee so just to be on the save side :D
13:42 ndee it's an old installation, dating back to 3.8 IIRC and so I wanna do it slow ;)
13:45 dc hmm, I'm so lost
13:45 ndee regarding the TV-problem, it also doesn't copy the image to the uploads/tx_templavoila folder :/
13:45 FloLeBlanc Is there a way to remove the "author" field in direct_mail for the plaintext version?
13:45 FloLeBlanc (in html I just don't use the marker)
13:46 dc aterriblechaos, your approach does not work.. the following does: if.equals.field = startsite if.value = 1
13:47 elmargol Can someone give me a hint how i set the expire date for a css file?
13:51 dc BUT -> I assume it has to do with the copying of the tt_content.text element,.. as soon as this is active, CE's that come later on are not rendered correctly
13:54 dc aterriblechaos, the elements that are not rendered have their respective wrappers in the source so 'tt_content.stdWrap.*' still works
14:09 ndee anyone using templavoila had the problem that in the filelist, the context menu for "templavoila" wouldn't show up when you click on a template?
14:22 menak ndee: yes
14:22 menak but
14:23 ndee menak, could you fix it? :D
14:23 menak ndee: just an a body tag to the template, even if it's for FCEs
14:23 menak ndee: or, to be more precise
14:23 ndee didn't help :/
14:23 menak ndee: i just added a html->body->div
14:24 ndee I think the whole installation is a bit hossed :/
14:24 menak ndee: 4.4 or 4.5?
14:24 ndee 4.4
14:24 menak hmm
14:24 menak ndee: 4.5 gives me quite a few probs, but 4.4 was fine
14:24 ndee hm
14:25 menak ndee: try adding a complete valid html page setup around your FCE template
14:25 menak ndee: after that it works for me
14:25 menak ndee: otherwise the TV context menu entry was missing
14:25 menak ndee: don't upgrade to 4.5
14:26 ndee menak, wont :D
14:26 menak ndee: the RTE won't work with TV 1.5.3 and T3 4.5
14:26 menak ndee: seems to be a core problem though and not a TV problem
14:27 ndee ugh
14:27 ndee brb, on the phone
14:28 menak ndee: no prob, gotta work anyway
14:29 dc is there a TS-Pro in here?
14:30 ndee but actually, the problem is that when I map an image in my FCE, the whole path gets selected as image source and not just the relative path
14:30 dc and / or, could someone please explain to me what exaclty the following TS does?
14:31 ndee dc, did you read the TS in 45 minutes doc?
14:31 ndee I never got my head around TS-ifs :D
14:33 dc well according to TSref it really shouldnt do anything, because there is only, if.. but no instructions on what to do in case the if is true..
14:34 dc but it does do something.. i'm just not 100% sure what exactly it does.. which is not good because i need to know in order to fix the problem ^^
14:40 MarcelT3
14:45 Allah_Waleoo Hi everyone. I have put flash on home page by content element media. if flash is not installed in my browser how can i show image instead of flash is there a way to set paramter?
14:47 mmicoe Hello
14:47 mmicoe 2 questions
14:48 mmicoe I need good doc (step by step) about migrating 4.4 to 4.5
14:48 aterriblechaos dc: this if returns always false because never returns anything so ""=1 returns false
14:49 aterriblechaos mmicoe: i think there is a document on
14:49 mmicoe 2) How can I change Main Menu text (Main Window introductionPackage) to Menú images ... ?
14:50 mmicoe <aterriblechaos: I think is not very good
14:50 aterriblechaos imho is not that bad
14:51 mmicoe 8 Upgrading to 4.5 Long Term Support
14:52 mmicoe Very summarized
14:54 Denyerek dc
14:54 aterriblechaos yes, but rest is explained quite good ... and also usefull if you upgrade to 4.5
14:54 Denyerek I don't think that TS you pasted actually DOES anything
14:54 mmicoe Change all global extensions to local ones (see "Common procedures" above).
14:54 Denyerek it's valid, but it's not controlling the rendering of anything in that snippet AFAIK
14:55 mmicoe Where can I foind
14:55 mmicoe Where can I find "Common procedures" above ?
14:56 Allah_Waleoo I have put flash on home page by content element media. if flash is not installed in my browser how can i show image instead of flash is there a way to set paramter?
14:56 aterriblechaos ... :/
14:58 dc aterriblechaos, NACK
14:59 aterriblechaos i'm quite shure dc ;)
15:02 mmicoe ok <aterriblechaos: Unlink th folders (= delete) ?
15:02 dc aterriblechaos, you're right.. i got the wrong url -.-
15:02 aterriblechaos moosbart: yes
15:03 mmicoe media and tslib is not present on typo3.4.4
15:03 dc aterriblechaos, i mean:
15:03 mmicoe Does I forget it ?
15:04 dc I already know your answer, i think.. "it returns 'true'" - yeah.. but why does that affect output?
15:06 mmicoe ok
15:06 ries Anybody happen to know what Kraft Bernhard is going to do?
15:08 aterriblechaos dc: tt_content.text is rendered only if the field startsite is set to 1
15:09 dc aHa!
15:12 dc aterriblechaos, ok.. before I go crazy.. what i'm trying to accomplish is to clip the bodytext and add a
15:13 dc '... [more]' to it... .. how would i do that to add this to every bodytext (any CType)
15:15 dc in case that helps:
15:22 dc GOT IT!.. finaaallly
15:26 dc (and in case anyone's interested - it was really simple: )
15:31 aterriblechaos dc: looks good :) i tried something similar, .. it is better to create the more link with typolink so that realurl & co work
15:35 ndee templavoila naming is so confusing, sometimes, INNER includes the tag and sometimes OUTER includes the tag haha
15:40 dc aterriblechaos, that's what I thought at first too, but the problem with this is that the link ist added after the last closing </p> tag of the bodytext... ->
15:42 dc i figured that there would still be a way by using temps etc.. but since i'm not really good on the whole typolink topic, i figured i'd let that wait and see if the customer even wants realUrl enabled or not, first ;) -> although it would be nice to have a cross-install compatible snippet for future uses
15:45 blah107 hi. how to fix a situation, where nonadmin user cannot flush cache and therefore content elements won't show up allways?
15:49 Winston_S blah107: add options.clearCache.pages = 1 and options.clearCache.all = 1 to the appropriate setup. this enables normal users to clear the caches also.
15:49 blah107 options.clearCache.all = 1
15:49 blah107 yup :)
15:49 elec29a hi hi.. would you recommend learning typo3 or cakephp ?
15:50 aterriblechaos dc: thats because of the parsefunc, unsets the <p class="bodytext"<
15:57 MarcelT3 did you already have contact with the redis cache backend that came with 4.5 ?
16:02 dc thnx for everyones help.. specially to aterriblechaos
16:03 dc i'll see you all, good luck w/ everyones project ;)
16:39 ndee when I map an image in templavoila, is it possible to create two versions of that image?
17:26 GaiusOctavius I have an already running typo3 installation with an lz_gallery on one of my pages. But where can I find how it is configured and which images are displayed? I'm unser Web > pages > myGalleryPage
17:26 GaiusOctavius Here's the image:
17:38 blah107 hi
17:39 blah107 is it possible to show latest news from today next 4 items
17:39 blah107 it needs some special TS i assume
17:40 blah107 i mean, it needs to show LATEST 4 articles starting from Date no earlier than today
17:41 lommes move them to archive after 1 day and don't display archived in your latest list?
17:42 blah107 i have newscalendar plugin that shows news in calendar -- can it access the ones in archive?
17:43 GaiusOctavius please can anyone help me? I have no clue at all what to do, so I don't even know where to look at
17:45 lommes looks like its worth a try with newscalendar
17:45 blah107 ye, it looks sweet
17:46 blah107 how di i archive the news with age 1 day or greater?
17:46 blah107 do*
17:47 lommes template -> constant editor -> datetimeDaysToArchive
17:47 blah107 I cannot add archive date manually to every news item, it should be automatic
17:53 lommes GaiusOctavius: this might be one of the oldest gallery extensions
17:56 blah107 lommes: kudos! works like a charm
17:56 lommes np :)
17:56 blah107 lommes: you saved me from hours or days of frustration :P
17:57 lommes ^^
17:59 blah107 and one last thing -- is it possible to somehow automatically clear all cache, when non-admin user edits or adds content? they are too stupid and lazy to click that zapping button
18:00 lommes yes it is, clearcachecmd will help you
18:01 blah107 ext?
18:01 lommes no, standard page ts config
18:03 GaiusOctavius lommes: yeah, it dam fucking old, that's why I want to replace it... but for that I need the old setting to configure the new gallery right
18:03 blah107 so I need to add TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all to non-admin usergroup TSconfig?
18:03 lommes blah107: no, you need to add it to a pages TSconfig
18:04 lommes GaiusOctavius: why you need the old configuration?
18:06 GaiusOctavius lommes: because I have no clue where the images are placed
18:07 GaiusOctavius lommes: which gallery would you recommend? is ch_gallery good?
18:08 lommes oh ... when you are in listview there should be a page/folder somewhere with a gallery (from lz_gallery) in it. There is the path configured
18:09 lommes i used ch_gallery once and can't remember any problems
18:13 GaiusOctavius lommes: thx, let me check...
18:20 GaiusOctavius lommes: found it, thx :)
18:20 lommes :)
18:25 GaiusOctavius ok, so I now have installed chgallery and perfectlightbox, I have added a chgallery element and filled it with images, that works. But the images are not clickable for displaying them in big with the lightbox, any idea what I have to do?
18:25 Olf greets
18:27 Olf what do you guys think would it make sense to put typo3 source (source for multiple sites) into a ramdisk device, would it speed up the performance? server has problems with hdd speed right now
18:28 blah107 lommes: you saved my day, AGAIN!
18:29 blah107 :)
18:32 GaiusOctavius can someone recommand me an simple gallery with lightbox support and a simple layout?
18:34 GaiusOctavius or how can I change a css file of a extention?
18:41 GaiusOctavius ok I found a bit more... but how can I add TS Code to my page?
18:48 lommes which kind of code
18:48 lommes ?
18:48 GaiusOctavius The plugin manual says I have to add a TS Code so that the lightbox works:
18:49 lommes template -> setup
18:50 GaiusOctavius I don't have that
18:51 lommes on the left: Web -> template -> select info/modify from the dropdown -> setup
18:51 GaiusOctavius when I go under template I have a tree on the left and my website on the right, when I click on the website I have a select for "Constant Editor", "Info/Modify", "TypoScript Object Browser" and "Template Analyser
18:51 GaiusOctavius ok
18:52 GaiusOctavius ok, and does it matter where I add the code? (on the top or on the bottom)
18:53 lommes if you're not sure, bottom might be a good choice
18:57 GaiusOctavius hmmm...ok, now there are image links added to the page, but no lightbox effect :-/
18:58 lommes is there a static template to include?
18:59 GaiusOctavius the manual didn't say anything, but I really havent understood typo3 till yet....
18:59 GaiusOctavius here's the plugin:
19:02 lommes go to template -> info/modify -> below constants/setup click edit whole template record -> select inludes and scroll through include static (from extension) to see if there is something that sounds like your gallery extension
19:07 GaiusOctavius perfect :)
19:07 GaiusOctavius only one more question, where can I change the gallery css?
19:08 GaiusOctavius there is a css file from chgallery added to my site, and I want to change this
19:09 lommes there should be a basic css file in the extension directory but you should not change that one, because an update of the gallery will overwrite your changes. just redefine the classes and ids in your own css-file should work
19:11 GaiusOctavius lommes: and where are these css lying, seems like typo3 creates them
19:12 lommes the one delivered with the extension in: typo3conf/ext/<extensionname>/somefile
19:13 lommes or just have a look in the sourcecode and include your own file
19:13 GaiusOctavius no I mean typo seems to already create his own css file, I have a include like this: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="typo3temp/stylesheet_f7f09d9bc5.css?1291067089" media="all">
19:14 GaiusOctavius can't I add my rules there?
19:14 Olf CO you can add your own CSs file instead
19:15 Olf put this into your template record setup field plugin.tx_chgallery_pi1.pathToCSS = path/to/your/template/css/ext_chgallery.css
19:15 GaiusOctavius but it's ugly to force each client to download 10 css files... doesn't typo have some kind of css handling?
19:16 Olf you can disable the extension css and use your own file
19:16 Olf and put it all there
19:17 Olf some examples how to disable default CSS files so TYPO3 won't include them automatically
19:17 Olf fileList._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >
19:17 Olf plugin.tx_cssstyledcontent._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >
19:17 Olf plugin.tx_indexedsearch._CSS_DEFAULT_STYLE >
19:18 Olf but be aware if you exclude cssstyledcontent CSS you need to put it into your own file manually, it holds image placement rules
19:20 GaiusOctavius Olf: ok, thx
19:21 Olf yw
19:44 GaiusOctavius lommes: oh before I forget: thanks a lot, you really helped me! :)
19:44 lommes :) np yw
19:44 GaiusOctavius everything works now like I wanted it to :)
19:53 HardPhuck damn chgallery giving me problems as well :)
19:54 HardPhuck i wanna add additional class to every third image but the problem is optionSplit is non existant here
19:54 HardPhuck damn
19:59 lommes HardPhuck, that helps?
19:59 HardPhuck well yes, but incompatible with some browsers
20:00 HardPhuck and i want it fixed in T3 :)
20:00 HardPhuck i'm trying with userFunc now
20:25 GaiusOctavius how can I delete all cached files?
20:25 HardPhuck remove typo3conf/temp* files
20:25 HardPhuck and everything in typo3temp
20:25 GaiusOctavius thx
20:28 HardPhuck anyone good with userFuncs? :)
20:46 HardPhuck can I add optionSplit with userFunc?
21:00 Lahmacun chat in english or german?
21:00 Lahmacun ah kk
21:01 Lahmacun i try to enable more than 1 language at the introduction package 4.5.1
21:01 Lahmacun where can i change the languages to english, french and german?
21:02 Lahmacun i cant find it, i can only change it in mysql
21:02 Lahmacun and second question: the languages dont show up, what are the steps to make them visible?
21:04 Lahmacun i dont know if i need another extension like "language selection" or if it works and i just made mistakes in the configuration
21:30 elec29a is typo really such nice to learn and the best ¿¿¿¿¡¡¡¡
21:31 elec29a newbie here :()
21:31 elec29a still pondering what 2to learn
21:35 Lahmacun no1 alive here i think
21:50 elec29a maybe
21:53 Lahmacun would be good to have a forum for typo3, because i cant find the place where i can ask a quastion
21:53 Lahmacun this irc-channel here is a real disappointment
21:54 HardPhuck good
21:55 HardPhuck with that attitude he'll never get any help
22:00 elec29a i did already wonder why they didn use the typo3 book optimization in production like css or js reduction (did you know 5 requests per browser typo is max and speed degrade ...) or image join in div margin.view.. .. or crome is saying in analyze buy a new domain to speed up ..Q!!! &&&and subdomain is the same in speed gain .. uff strange world and why did you never add a 5 star system for
22:00 elec29a plugins or a nice shop ??.. and i did introduce typo in my provicnce and 10 years after they are all using it NICE :) loving IT