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#typo3 IRC Log from : Sunday 4 May 2008

01:17 Denyerec Felyza
01:17 Denyerec you there?
01:52 Felyza Deny, you there?
02:24 Felyza Deny, whenever you check this again, I'll watching for the next one or two hours in case you come back.
03:43 Felyza Quiet tonight
03:46 scubes13 I have just moved a site from one host to and only the home (index.php) page is showing
03:46 scubes13 if you click on a link to a sub page, it changes the url but only shows the home page
03:46 scubes13 ie, I might be at:
03:46 scubes13 but i still get the same out put as
03:47 Felyza Change domain name in transfer?
03:47 scubes13 nope, transferred domain name as well
03:47 Felyza Is your root PID still same?
03:47 scubes13 yup
03:48 scubes13 root PID is still "1"
03:49 Felyza I'm assuming you're using realurl
03:50 scubes13 not that I am aware of
03:50 scubes13 you mean urls such as for a page?
03:50 scubes13 ie, rewrites?
03:50 Felyza mine shows index.php?=XX without realurl, I'm not sure how simulate static pages works
03:51 Felyza (with realurl it shows /xx/, but that's a whole 'nother can o worms)
03:51 scubes13 ah
03:51 scubes13 ours have been doing:
03:51 scubes13 where contact is name of page and pid is 5
03:51 scubes13 not sure what 0 is...
03:52 Felyza Language probably
03:52 scubes13 gotya, that would make sense
03:52 Felyza I'm looking around to see if I can find anything, I'm waiting on mysql to upload
03:53 scubes13 kewl deal
03:53 scubes13 yeah, I have been lookin for some sort of "if you are installing on do this..."
03:54 Felyza scubes13, did you check out
03:54 scubes13 nope, will read right now
03:59 scubes13 confident i did each of those steps
04:00 scubes13 wondering if there is something in apache's httpd.conf that I may be missing
04:04 Felyza Didn't mess up your htaccess either did you?
04:05 scubes13 crud, wonder if my ftp prog grabbed the orig .htaccess when it backed up
04:09 Felyza lemme look up my last phpfi ... it had a 'minimums' htaccess
04:10 Felyza, the .htaccess is more or less your basics
04:18 scubes13 here is mine as is:
04:18 scubes13 btw, site is:
04:25 scubes13 backend works fine
04:26 Felyza i see what you mean about redirecting to main page
04:26 scubes13 yup :(
04:26 Felyza did you go through 'all configuration' in install tool, and update everything?
04:26 scubes13 yup, went through each page and item in install tool :\
04:28 Felyza in the BE, under db check, does your index check out clean?
04:28 scubes13 yup
04:29 scubes13 :( makes two of us
04:30 Felyza What version of T3?
04:31 scubes13 started with php 4 and 4.1.6
04:31 scubes13 had same prob
04:31 scubes13 so upped to php5 and 4.2
04:31 Felyza Ah. That was my thought. I couldn't get login working, upped to 4.2, and poof, it worked.
04:32 Felyza Try this, disable realurl if its enabled, in install tool, disable simulatestaticpages, and see if that works.
04:32 scubes13 I just dislike shared hosting
04:32 scubes13 k
04:32 Felyza I'm fighting with a VDS
04:33 Felyza After a whole day trying to figure out why realurl isn't writing correctly, low and behold, their mysql doesn't come with innodb
04:33 Felyza So backed up db, removed their mysql, and now installing my own
04:41 scubes13 lovely
04:43 scubes13 well, realurl extension isnt installed and I double checked the simulatestaticdocuments and it wasnt enabled either
04:43 scubes13 still getting no love from it
04:49 Felyza I can't go poking through mine for ideas atm, I have no mysql
04:50 scubes13 :P
04:52 Felyza here's an 'out there' idea
04:52 Felyza Do you have a local copy of the directory tree and sql data?
04:52 scubes13 think so
04:53 scubes13 could set it up on "my" server and try it, I suppose
04:53 Felyza Search all files for the old ip address
04:53 scubes13 ah
04:53 Felyza I use Textpad ( quite fast 'find in files' feature
04:54 scubes13 lol, guess not
04:55 scubes13 come to think of it, not even sure what the orig ip was.....
04:55 scubes13 blah
04:58 Felyza too bad you're getting no love from the various gurus
04:59 Felyza i'm far from a guru, and it sounds like you've jumped through all relevant hoops
05:00 scubes13 sad times
05:06 scubes13 well, I certainly do appreciate all ur help
05:06 scubes13 def gonna keep pluggin away at it
05:10 Felyza Well now. I just got a nice phone call from my host asking 'what the hell do you think you're doing'
05:10 scubes13 lol - oh really?
05:11 Felyza Apparently my untarring mysql threw up a big red flag
05:12 Felyza Guess they didn't like the sudden cpu/memory spike =) (I explained I was putting in a new mysql with innodb, and they were happy)
05:12 scubes13 lol
05:12 scubes13 gotta love it
05:19 Felyza scubes13, here's one for you then... i put mysql.server in init.d, chkconfig isn't present, so how to tell it to autostart?
05:20 Felyza i can't find an rc.conf either
05:20 scubes13 Felyza, ick - I have no clue man :(
05:20 scubes13 I run annvix on servers
05:21 Felyza i'd kill to have rpm access, but alas, it's on the 'banned' list of apps per the host
05:21 scubes13 gotta love it
05:21 Felyza annvix -- command not found
05:21 scubes13 lol, sorry - annvix is a distro
05:21 scubes13
05:21 Felyza i tried checking distro, no access to required folders
05:22 mac3 hm
05:22 mac3 are you trying to autostart mysql each time the server restarts?
05:22 Felyza i can see they run a P3 900, have 4Gb ram, and 8Tb storage
05:23 Felyza yeah
05:23 Felyza If it helps, I figured out putting a .profile file in the root of the virtual server allows me to edit path, which persists on restart of virtual server
05:24 Felyza am i allowed to put a /path/to/mysql.server in it?
05:24 mac3 you could add a script to /etc/init.d
05:24 mac3 i can pastebin my script if it helps ya
05:25 Felyza i put mysql.server in init.d, but it doesn't start
05:25 mac3 did you reboot the server?
05:25 Felyza yep
05:25 mac3 paste your script
05:25 Felyza ls shows apachectl functions httpd mysql.server
05:26 Felyza script?
05:26 mac3 yep
05:26 mac3 the mysql.server
05:26 mac3 or is it your mysql binary?
05:26 Felyza sec (its whatever came out of the box)
05:27 Felyza i think i found my problem, user isn't set to use the right user... i can't use the user mysql
05:27 Felyza thought it was binary... didn't try opening it... i AM rusty
05:28 mac3
05:28 mac3 this is an introduction to the start scripts and runlevels
05:30 Felyza sigh... i wonder how many places user is defined as mysql... i have to use my login name
05:33 mac3 basically you put a script into /etc/init.d and symbolic links to this script into the /etc/rc1.d /etc/rc2.d ..
05:33 mac3 when the system changes its runlevel, the script gets called
05:35 mac3 you can read /etc/inittab, in this file the are the runlevels get defined
05:39 Felyza no inittab, no rcX directories
05:40 mac3 what linux distribution is it?
05:42 Felyza uname -r gives 2.6.9-34.0.1.ELsmp
05:43 mac3 ls /etc/*version
05:44 Felyza no such file or directory
05:45 mac3 cat /proc/version
05:46 Felyza aha! Redhat 3.4.6-2
05:50 mac3 and there is no /etc/rc.d directory?
05:53 Felyza found an rc.d in /usr/etc
05:54 mac3 maybe this could work
05:54 Felyza there isn't one in /etc
05:54 mac3 another way would be to write a crontab script
05:54 mac3 which checks if there is a running mysql process
05:54 mac3 otherwise it starts mysql
05:54 mac3 im going to bed now
05:55 mac3 good luck :)
05:55 Felyza thanks for the help
07:17 Felyza anyone have a binary of chown for Redhat 3.4.6-2?
09:17 koomi_ mornings
09:29 SilenceDK Hey guys, when I've got a typo3 installation with no symlinks.. and I wanna update to 4.2 - What do I need to do? I've backup up every file and the Db..
09:29 SilenceDK Do I just overwrite the "old" folders?
09:59 koomi_ replace typo3 and t3lib
10:03 SilenceDK That's all?
10:06 void SilenceDK: basicly yes. you also will need to go to install tool and run db compare after that
10:16 SilenceDK Of course...
10:16 SilenceDK So nothing about uninstalling extensions or anything?
10:19 SilenceDK This is so typical.. atm I can't access my site :(
10:21 void why?
10:21 SilenceDK Donno.. I can access ftp and such.. the site just isn't showing up.. neither is the hosting company's...
10:22 SilenceDK Need to launch a complain :p
10:41 foool I am trying to install a calendar - which one would you guys recommend with Fe editing
11:07 foool Tried to install cal EXT - the fe edit template looks screwed up - tried to install the last version of cal EXT and I get message the file is too big to upload PHP5 - talked to host - he increased it but still same msg - exasperated, tried to upload the extended calendar and it says Typo3 4.16 is and php5 it is not recommended. What the f"('§èk do I do?
11:09 foool Also tried adv calendar and I get the msg error as if it isn't installed and yet it is grrrr!!!
11:10 void cal is really most advanced calendar in typo3 world
11:12 foool yes but I get afile too big error when i try to upload it
11:12 void you can upload it using FTP
11:12 void just unpack it on your local machine
11:14 foool i uploaded the tx to my machine and then tried to Upload extension file directly (.t3x): and thats when I get the error
11:15 foool the latest verion is not in ter on the net
11:16 foool i mean not in the backend import ext list
11:20 void no... i mean, you unpack it on your local computer, and then upload to server typo3conf/ext/cal directory
11:23 foool i would have to install typo3 on my local right
11:24 foool or is there a prog that does it?
11:25 void yes.. you have to
11:26 foool Grrr!!
11:29 foool i will try the mailing list to see if the probs i have can solved.
11:29 Nekdy there is a prog
11:31 Nekdy
11:31 foool is there cooool!! where?
12:46 foool void do you know anything about cal ext - I got it installed?
12:46 void i know a bit. cal have a good manual
12:47 foool it is the form - The text box in front end edit doesn't look right and it doesn't expand when you enter text
12:47 foool I looked at the fe template and i am lost
12:48 foool screenshot -
12:48 void hm..
12:49 void does not open
12:49 SilenceDK Guys - When I do a DB compare.. should I just accept all the changes?
12:49 SilenceDK I've just upgraded from 4.1.5 -> 4.2
12:49 SilenceDK I went to db analyser -> Compare
12:49 foool I can put test in but the cancel and save doesn't move down and the text box doesn't grow
12:50 foool silence go to the upgrade in install first
12:50 foool make sure it is using the update now
12:50 foool test = text void
12:53 SilenceDK foool: I've used the upgrade and done what it said
12:53 SilenceDK Compability is 4.2 now.. should i use db analyser compare now?
12:55 foool dunno really I only do compare if I delete extensions. Do a backup then do it and see what happens.
12:59 foool I am using 4.16 as i understand some exts don't work with 4.2 yet
13:02 SilenceDK Umm.. crap.. then perhaps I shouldn't have updated.. :S
13:05 foool that's what someone said but you may be okay it is only for certain ones i think - extended calendar is one I do know that.
13:06 SilenceDK Shit.. I'm getting some weird "The page is not configured! [type= 0][]" error.. anyone know what it is?
13:08 foool looks like it lost the linkk to the root - is the template in, and statics installed
13:08 foool did you do a backup before you upgraded
13:08 SilenceDK I did a complete backup yes
13:08 SilenceDK The templates are there...
13:09 SilenceDK TEmplavolia works fine.. I can even see the mapping and such..
13:10 SilenceDK BE is working fine..
13:12 SilenceDK How irritating.. it shows help text everywhere
13:14 foool I don't use templa I use autoparser version - I find it easier
13:18 Nekdy templavoila is easy
13:18 Nekdy it's very easy
13:19 Nekdy i miss more functionality in templavoila actually
13:20 foool I find autoparser is enough for me
13:30 SilenceDK Hmm.. i installed some newer extensions and am now getting the error: Fatal error: Class tx_sgdiv may not inherit from final class (t3lib_div) i
13:33 SilenceDK Anyone got any ideas? :s
13:33 foool it is a version thing re install the ext
13:37 SilenceDK I just removed the extension.. but now I'm back to the The page is not configured! [type= 0][] :(
13:38 SilenceDK And all extensions are up to date.. :/
13:41 foool something is not working even though it is installled thats why i went back to 4.16
13:47 SilenceDK Omg this sucks massive ass...
14:29 SilenceDK Okay.. can someone help me out :( - I tried upgrading to 4.2 - Everything went wrong so I deleted everything and uploaded the old files and db.. but now nothing happens when I go to my site.. neither FE or BE is working.. install tool isn't working either.. :S - It just shows a blank screen
14:33 foool try clearing cache in typo3conf via ftp that might work
14:39 SilenceDK Typo3conf? :s
14:39 SilenceDK the temp_?
14:41 foool no typo3conf
14:41 foool there should be 2 cached files in there
14:41 nkuttler typo3conf/temp_*
14:42 SilenceDK It's done.. and I've got the install tool working.. just not the site...
14:42 SilenceDK FE and BE aren't working now.. install tool works
14:43 foool reinstall the backup dbase from install tool
14:44 SilenceDK How do I reinstall the db from the backup tool?
14:44 SilenceDK I backed up the db via phpmyadmin... - And used phpmyadmin to restore
14:45 SilenceDK backup tool = install tool
14:47 kozy mm, nice weather in europe :)
14:47 foool lovely
14:48 kozy so what do I do inside?
14:48 SilenceDK Why.. can't I restore from phpmyadmin? :/
14:48 SilenceDK Or backup for that sake..?
14:50 kozy you can export and import the database, no problem
14:50 SilenceDK Hmm.. well I'm having a problem with my FE and BE being blank after a failed update to 4.2
14:51 SilenceDK I restored all the 4.1.5 files and DB.. but FE and BE are just blank
14:52 SilenceDK I've got no idea what's wrong...
14:53 kozy are there errors after loading of the page, browser errors?
14:53 kozy window -> activity, in safari
14:53 SilenceDK Nope.. nothing
14:53 SilenceDK
14:57 SilenceDK Anyone got any ideas? :S
14:58 kozy there is a problem with the source files
14:58 kozy maybe incorrect rights
14:58 SilenceDK What should the permissions to t3lib and typo3 folders be? Not 757?
14:59 kozy do you you suexec or suphp?
15:00 kozy not sure but theres info in the INSTALL file I believe
15:01 kozy but sometimes it needs to be a little different
15:01 kozy read the logs
15:02 SilenceDK I got no idea what suexec or suphp is :s
15:02 SilenceDK The logs give no indication of it :S
15:03 SilenceDK - - [04/May/2008:15:06:12 +0200] "GET /typo3/index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 317 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; da; rv: Gecko/20080404 Firefox/"
15:04 SilenceDK Ups..
15:18 foool Mine tslib and folders are set to 755 all files are 644
15:59 SilenceDK I'm at a loss about what to do
16:00 SilenceDK :(
16:14 SilenceDK Hrmf.. at last.. I found out it was the phpmyadmin extension which fucked up
16:41 SilenceDK Can I safely delete everything in typo3temp?
16:47 ShadowHunter you can delete everything in typo3temp via installer
16:49 ShadowHunter should be no problem but it would be good if you also clear fe-cache
16:58 kozy is it possible to limit the output of an FCE field to a number of characters?
17:02 void kozy: i think yes, but not sure how
17:03 kozy yes, it would be something rather common probably
17:05 kozy any idea where to look for it? There is nothing in stdWrap
17:09 kozy ah, no there is crop, that seems like what I need
17:13 void crop?
17:13 void i thought you need some filter