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#typo3 IRC Log from : Tuesday 26 February 2008

02:38 chefan nice wasn't in the offer
03:16 uriahheep void: you around?
03:16 uriahheep ...or is anyone around?
03:17 uriahheep
03:17 uriahheep why wouldn't the text in this image appear? :-/
03:18 uriahheep ohh...
03:18 uriahheep the offset -_-
03:18 uriahheep how stupid
06:10 d|g hi all
06:14 just2b morning
06:15 uriahhee1 hey
06:15 just2b hi uriahheep
06:15 just2b or uriahhee1
06:15 just2b ;)
06:17 uriahhee1 heh :P
06:17 uriahhee1 just2b: how's it going?
06:18 just2b quite good, thx ;)
06:19 just2b wanna know how my new ext is welcomed in the community ;)
06:19 uriahhee1 heheh
06:19 uriahhee1 link?
06:19 just2b
06:24 just2b what you think?
09:30 backzwang hello, i have a simple question. I'm building an extension where I use $cObj[IMAGE] to scale some uploaded pictures. When I choose for maxW a number like 512 it takes forever to load the page. But if I set a small number i.e. 100 in maxW it loads pretty fast. Is $cObj[IMAGE] only designed for scaling thumbnails or is it just an error in the config of the server?
09:34 niquito whats the hardware on the server?
09:35 niquito Maybe the executiontime of php is lower than the time the server needs
09:38 backzwang ok i will check it when I get an access to the server. Thx :)
10:06 Randomresult good morning
10:07 Randomresult someone around who has experience with bad behavior?
10:07 Randomresult when i install bad behavior and try to search via indexed search i get an 403 error
10:08 Randomresult when i deinstall bad behavior it works fine
10:10 niquito no , sorry i got no experience with bad behavior , i think its a program ;)
10:11 Randomresult well there is a extension for typo3
10:11 niquito What does bad behaviour
10:11 niquito ?
10:12 youam is there some planet for typo3? (like, etc)
10:15 Randomresult bad behavoir blocks spam
10:15 Randomresult now i installed the newest version from ... and now it works with the search
10:16 Randomresult but now new problem... indexed search show all languages in a result... not only german when i searched in german language or only english when i am in the english website
11:07 Randomresult solved the display... now the german öäü are displayed in ? but only for the size, the next button (nächste) and the changed (geändert) button in the template...
11:07 Randomresult what to do?
11:07 Randomresult anyone ideas
11:07 Randomresult ?
11:07 smurfslayer which charset do you use?
11:08 Randomresult utf8
11:08 Randomresult entities do not work in the locallang.xml right?
11:20 FloLeBlanc hi all
11:21 Randomresult FloLeBlanc: hi
11:21 FloLeBlanc can someone tell me how much space his/her t3 install takes? I have a whopping 1,7 gig here that sounds like a bit much :)
11:22 m0oman typo3 easily takes that much because it keeps generating/duplicating new images/resources in the uploads/temp folders that it doesn't delete.
11:23 FloLeBlanc hmm.. is it recommended to delete the temp files from time to time?
11:23 m0oman i uploaded a gallery once with manually, properly compressed images typo3 was supposed to just take and show, it re"compressed" them and copied them in its own stubborn way (who ever though of that though? :I) and i ended up with 9 gigs of images.
11:23 m0oman you'll have to, but manually and carefully. there are extensions that manage it automatically, but i had a lot of troubles with those.
11:24 m0oman because if you delete files typo is actually using you'll end up with a borked site.
11:24 FloLeBlanc *sigh*
11:25 m0oman the own way of managing resources and not just linking to them is the one and only thing that not only annoys me, i HATE it. you can avoid it to some extend with the DAM extension - but that one is causing other problems in return.
11:26 m0oman i rewrote some of our apps we have running with RoR just because this issue freaked me out so much.
11:27 FloLeBlanc hmm ok thx :(
11:32 Randomresult do any of u have an idea how i get indexed search in german (i mean umlaute äö) in the templatefile
11:32 Randomresult size is shown as Gr??e
11:32 Randomresult should be Größe
11:32 Randomresult next ist shown as N?chste instead of Nächste...
11:33 FloLeBlanc randomresult: do you use a text editor that is utf-8 capable?
11:34 Randomresult we use dreamweaver
11:34 Randomresult we have no problems with other extensions
11:34 Randomresult and the whole site is in utf8 ... it is hosted at
11:35 FloLeBlanc well if you save the template utf-8 encoded and the website is capable of utf-8 and t3 is set to utf-8 it should work, don't know then sorry
11:36 Randomresult it doesnt :)
11:38 Randomresult or better ;(
11:45 FloLeBlanc can someone tell me how much space the crawler index takes in average?
11:45 FloLeBlanc this is also a horrible large db table (470 MB)
12:08 schwaiger hi there
12:08 schwaiger can someone give me a hint
12:09 schwaiger i created a element width tv of type not mapped and name is field_menuclass...
12:09 schwaiger how can i acces this field within my ts .... {field:field_menuclass} didnt work for me
12:25 mosez i have added a not mapped field to template voila, it's a select box. but how can i access the selected value on typoscript?
12:25 schwaiger someone out there
12:27 mosez ach flo.... du sack...
12:28 FloLeBlanc mosez = ?
12:28 mosez floleblanc: that was for schwaiger
12:28 mosez we've got the same question ;)
12:28 Randomresult well i acces it with : 10.altText.field = field_altag
12:28 FloLeBlanc hehe
12:29 Randomresult it is an normal input field...
12:29 Randomresult not mapped
12:29 Randomresult and is used as special alt-tag for an image...
12:30 mosez can i acces it like {field_menuclass}?
12:36 FloLeBlanc mosez: afaik the { works only for "grouping" of variable assignements. f.e.: page.10.X = 10 + page.10.Y = 20 could be written as page.10 { X = 10 Y = 20 }
12:36 FloLeBlanc (you have to set the correct linefeeds of course - i didn't want to spam the channel)
12:37 mosez i have ATagParams.dataWrap = class="{field:uid} {field_menuclass} act" on typoscript and want to get something like class="122 movie act". {field:uid} works fine but i can't get the field_menuclass working
12:37 mosez even if i write {field:field_menuclass}
12:44 mosez hum... can not find the solution...
12:50 mosez that really sucks
12:57 FloLeBlanc can someone help me out with creating images? I created a gif by combining a jpg background and a font via TS without problems, now I suddenly (sorry I really don't know what could have changed) receive a warning and the background of the new pic (from the jpg) cannot be displayed. the "not found" error is however linked to a temporary gif and not the jpg - any ideas?
12:58 j0hnd33re Good morning, humans.
13:00 mosez accessing templatevoila fields that are not mapped doesnt work for me... and i cant find a solution on google :(
13:01 rejecter where is the bot?
13:02 FloLeBlanc the 3-headed monkey behind you ate it! (sorry don't know)
13:02 rejecter hey, how can i fix the typo3 comment on my websites? For example !--
13:02 rejecter This website is powered by TYPO3 - inspiring people to share!
13:02 Randomresult u can add ur own lines...
13:03 Randomresult but u should leave this comment too...
13:03 FloLeBlanc why would you want to fix that comment?, it should enspire you to SHARE :)
13:03 rejecter ^^
13:04 Randomresult config.headerComment(
13:04 Randomresult place this in ur setupfield and replace the text with ur own
13:05 rejecter another question. What should i do to change the relativ path from the image to a absolute? From /uploads/pics/... to http://..../uploads/pics
13:05 Randomresult it will not remove the original comment but will add ur text...
13:05 rejecter thx
13:05 Randomresult rejecter: maybe with config.baseUrl =
13:06 rejecter i will check it
13:06 Randomresult well... i dont think it will work...
13:08 rejecter no, it dont work
13:08 Randomresult sorry... no idea
13:15 rejecter anyone else?
13:25 FloLeBlanc rejecter: I don't think that is a good idea overall, some servers block http:// requests from the "inside" due to potential malicious code
13:26 rejecter ok
13:26 rejecter i set page.config.absRefPrefix and it works
13:28 rejecter where can i find all config vars.?
13:30 mosez the object browser doesnt show all typoscript definitions... is there a extension to get _all_ typoscript?
13:32 rejecter ok, thx
13:32 mosez that was a question ;)
13:33 rejecter oh
13:33 rejecter no, i want to change the std. css-files
13:34 rejecter to one
13:34 rejecter and i seek, where i can change it
13:41 mosez typo3 makes me crazy...
13:45 rejecter me too :D
13:56 FloLeBlanc typo3 makes me happy :)
13:59 Nav Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in F:\Projects\Tom_Husler\t3lib\class.t3lib_db.php on line 796
13:59 mosez floleblanc: you dont have really complex pages =)
13:59 Nav i m getting this error
13:59 Nav can anybody tell me why this error is appearing ??
14:00 FloLeBlanc mosez: right, I only use direct_mail, crawler, tt_news, tx_mailform_plus, create dynamic graphics menus via ts, nothing that is actually challenging if you can read manuals ;)
14:01 FloLeBlanc (well I admit: sr_feuser_register actually IS, even with the "manual")
14:02 Nav hello???
14:02 FloLeBlanc mosez: what kind of really "complex" page is it to realize?
14:02 FloLeBlanc Nav: that means that something with your sql query is wrong, could be a hundred reasons
14:03 Nav it was working fine before
14:03 Nav suddenly it has started appearing
14:03 FloLeBlanc before what
14:03 Nav i m yesterrday it was working fine
14:03 FloLeBlanc well try to think about what you did perhaps change
14:03 Nav i just installed wamp
14:03 Nav which comes with mysql 5.0.
14:03 Nav but today i have also installed mysql 4.1.22 wamp module
14:04 mosez floleblanc: 220pages with very strange menus
14:04 Nav and tried to accessing using mysql 4.1
14:04 Nav but same error
14:04 mosez sometimes with extra images, so i need to add special classes under some conditions
14:04 mosez but adding the classes with a template voila object doesnt work
14:04 FloLeBlanc you can create those by providing the file in the page itself, I will give you my ts example
14:06 FloLeBlanc mosez:
14:06 FloLeBlanc => the links "Alkoholfreie Getränke" to "Speisen" is that menu
14:07 FloLeBlanc (the images are set on the pages themselves as explained in the files part)
14:08 FloLeBlanc (the test.blah part is only for substituting the marker with the menu if using automaketemplate of course)
14:08 FloLeBlanc Nav: try to go to line 796 in class.t3lib_db.php (after backuping the file) and try a debug or echo there to see the query that is causing problems
14:09 FloLeBlanc then try to find out where the problem comes from
14:09 mosez and i'm rewriting this page ->
14:09 mosez and there i need some specific classes to overwrite the background of the unordered list :(
14:10 FloLeBlanc mosez: are you talking about the left menu?
14:11 FloLeBlanc this should be absolutely no problem with a normal menu and defining the RO classes
14:11 FloLeBlanc check out the documentation for creating menus
14:11 mosez i have added a unmapped type to template voila...
14:12 FloLeBlanc ??
14:12 mosez so i can choose the special class while creating the new page
14:12 mosez but i cant access the selected value on typoscript
14:12 FloLeBlanc sorry I don't understand what you are trying to do.. imo you are trying to do a normal rollover?
14:12 mosez i dont use exactly that menu, only the images. i have rewritten it to a div layout with ul navigations
14:12 FloLeBlanc aaah you mean the popup menu?
14:13 mosez no, only the big menu on the left side
14:13 mosez the small images that looks like movie rolls and so on
14:13 FloLeBlanc the big menu does nothing special as far as I can see that it has a normal/rollover and active effect
14:14 FloLeBlanc did you check out TSRef yet? :
14:14 FloLeBlanc under HMenu there are also examples
14:15 mosez you dont understand me
14:15 FloLeBlanc it seems so yes
14:16 mosez the small images on the right side of each navigation point are special css classes. i'm selecting these special format on the be while i edit this page
14:16 mosez i've got a pulldowen menu to select the class which i want
14:17 mosez and now i want to get the selected class and put it to the menu definition
14:18 mosez but something like {field:field_menuclass} doesnt work
14:18 FloLeBlanc I don't see any pulldown, why would I want to change the css via a pulldown?
14:19 mosez ATagParams.dataWrap = class = "{field:field_menuclass}"
14:19 mosez the pulldown is on the backend
14:20 FloLeBlanc so you want the backend users to be able to choose between different styles for the frontend menus?
14:20 mosez edit the page, below title you can specify the special class
14:21 mosez that's the best solution to set some special things like the small movie image on the navigation point
14:21 mosez it have to be editable for the text writers
14:22 mosez so the can add a class like "very important" and all users can see on fe a exclamation mark on the navigation point
14:22 FloLeBlanc and what is the reason not to use the version I posted before and the users would be able to include any image they want in the menu but to let them input some class name?
14:23 mosez because the've got only a few classes which have to be assigned to the <li>?
14:23 FloLeBlanc and you have to stick to this classes version instead of offering the ppl a simple folder with all possible images because?
14:23 FloLeBlanc are there any other differences besides the image?
14:25 mosez because my menu accept only css classes and no image?
14:26 FloLeBlanc you are building this menu with t3 I thought?
14:26 mosez is the temporary ts for it
14:26 mosez line 21 and 22 is the problem
14:29 mosez it cant be so difficult to get a value which i have added via template voila to a page
14:29 m4rtijn hey
14:29 m4rtijn does anyone know anything about some date bug in tt_news ?
14:29 mosez the selectbox is there, but i cant access the selected value on typoscript
14:31 FloLeBlanc mosez: did you check out futuristic template building if there is some kind of similar issue?
14:32 FloLeBlanc (that tutorial is the one based on TV afaik)
14:32 FloLeBlanc m4rtijn: what kind of bug
14:33 mosez everything works fine, only the selectbox value doesnt work because i can not fetch it
14:34 FloLeBlanc mosez: yes and because I don't know the answer I recommended to check out the "Futuristic Template Building" Manual if there is a similar issue that could provide you the solution, or a different approach to make it work
14:35 FloLeBlanc I only read the modern template building tutorial (which is for automaketemplate) but they covered lots of special cases there
14:35 m4rtijn sry flo, was short afk, .. i recall there was some bug that tt news can not handle some date previous to 1970 or so?
14:36 FloLeBlanc m4rtijn: this is possible because most dates are stored as unix timestamps in typo3 as far as I know
14:37 FloLeBlanc m4rtijn: do you need "news" with dates prior to 1970? :)
14:38 a7p moin - does anyone know why ContentElements inside of CO-Elements are not possible (should they be possible? - TS-paths work fine.
14:38 Denyerec hey chaps
14:39 m4rtijn yes flo
14:39 FloLeBlanc m4artijn: if you are german speaking check out this thread perhaps:
14:39 m4rtijn thanks i can and will ;)
14:40 Denyerec What are today''s problems then? :)
14:41 FloLeBlanc denyerec: mosez tries to fetch a submitted value via ts, perhaps you can help him out :)
14:42 Denyerec A value submitted by GET/POST ?
14:42 Denyerec Surely you just grab that from the GPVARs
14:42 FloLeBlanc is what he tries
14:42 FloLeBlanc line 22
14:44 FloLeBlanc (BE users should be able to set a specific class for the menu entry via the backend if I did understand it correct)
14:47 mosez denyerec: i have added a element named field_menuclass to template voila with no mapping. now i've got a selectbox at every page on the be. that's good...
14:47 Denyerec2 Right
14:48 mosez now i want to select one value for some pages and and want to fetch this value on ts to add this value as a class to my navigation
14:48 Denyerec2 Ah, I had done it to make the width of an element selectable ina dropdown list
14:49 Denyerec2 The way I did it was to modify the HTML in the TV object itself, that is, not useing any normal TS
14:49 Denyerec2 (Was just handled in the TV XML)
14:51 mosez hum...
14:53 Denyerec2 Mine just adds a class to a div.
14:53 Denyerec2 you want to add a couple of classes
14:53 Denyerec2 given, though, that you only hace on active menuitem at a time, you could use the ID param,eter to add the "active" to the active menu item
14:53 Denyerec2 rather than adding it as a separate class
14:53 Denyerec2 Just a thought.
14:53 Denyerec2 If you will give me a few minutes, I can dig out the XML that I use to get the custom class into the TV XML.
14:54 Denyerec2 (However, I'd still like to know how to achieve what you're trying to do)
14:54 Denyerec2 brb - I have to rebooy
14:54 mosez it's not easy for me to explain it :)
14:55 Denyerec2 I knwo what you want to do
14:55 Denyerec2 you want to set the class int he FCE in the BE
14:55 Denyerec2 and then when you render your menu, pull uot what you set in the TV field.
14:55 Denyerec2 What you have in your TS makes sense in terms of psuedocode, but I[m not sure that it's valid.
14:55 Denyerec2 lemme reboot and I'll get you that XML
14:57 mosez ok
14:58 mosez bb in some minutes.. got to smoke..
15:08 uschi hi folks, anyone around using 4.2 and be_acl?
15:08 mosez re
15:09 uschi I get a fatal error now: Fatal error: Call to undefined method ux_SC_mod_web_perm_index::printPerms() in J:\web\\htdocs-neu\typo3conf\ext\be_acl\res\class.ux_sc_mod_web_perm_index.php on line 241
15:10 uschi i bet this method has been removed by some cleanup for 4.2
15:10 Denyerec right, back.
15:10 Denyerec I can go find that XML now
15:11 mosez thx
15:17 kreegee_ can i somehow filter what gets displayed in xmlfeed from tt_news?
15:17 kreegee_ e.g. only one category?
15:19 mosez that's a snippet of my template voila xml
15:23 kreegee_ wow, thx
15:23 kreegee_ oh, i guess thats not for me ;)
15:24 mosez kreegee_: right, that's not for you ;)
15:24 kreegee_ still xml though ^^
15:24 mosez i dont know anything about tt_news ;)
15:27 rejecter hey, i cant install new Ext. When i click on "upload ext file", i get a white backend. Has anybody a solution?
15:28 nd_ Anyone here using rgooglemap? In the ExtensionManager, I get loads of errors like `couldn't find Xclass`... Can anyone help me with this one?
15:35 Randomresult nd_: look for just2b in this chan... he made this ext
15:36 Denyerec hmm
15:36 Denyerec Ok
15:36 Denyerec I haven't update from 3.8
15:36 Denyerec what should my CompatVersion be set to ?
15:36 Denyerec Also, in the backend, it says Typo 4.0, but my source folder is 4.1.2....
15:36 Denyerec Any ideas what's up with that ?
15:38 nd_ Randomresult: Great info... thanks alot
15:41 FloLeBlanc anyone using mm_forum?
15:42 Denyerec Not I
15:42 FloLeBlanc :)
15:44 rejecter hey, i cant install new Ext. When i click on "upload ext file", i get a white backend. Has anybody a solution?
15:47 Denyerec Extend your PHP memory limit
15:47 Denyerec mosez are you there ?
15:47 Denyerec I found the XML
15:48 mosez yes, i'm here
15:48 Denyerec what I do is map to the CLASS attribute in TV, then use this XML to control it.
15:48 Denyerec
15:52 mosez to which class attribute?
15:52 Denyerec the classa ttribute of the div that I'm mapping intopl.
15:52 Denyerec into.
15:52 Denyerec this is a Flexible Content Element.
15:52 Denyerec not sure if you want to make the changes to the normal content or to a flexible content element
15:53 Denyerec Though igf you want to edit the standard comntent elements you might fidn you have to doa lot more digging around.
15:54 mosez but the attribute i'd like to manipulate is a mapping to
15:54 mosez its a <ul> list mapped to a ts object
15:54 Denyerec Hmmm.
15:54 Denyerec I see, so you have given the UL a Typoscript Object Path
15:55 Denyerec and now you want to be able to select/enter a class
15:55 mosez a optional class
15:55 Denyerec Hmmz.
15:55 Denyerec And where do you want obe able to set the optional class ?
15:56 mosez on be... if you edit a pagetitel you can select a optional class from the pulldown menu
15:58 nd_ How would I best make a background-image of a div container change by the pid?
16:01 mosez but i need this bullshit :(
16:03 a7p nd_, do you use templavoila? => inlinecss + TS
16:04 a7p nd_, the same with every other rendering method ... write a ts-function which outputs the desired css-snipplet and insert it into the div-container.
16:07 mosez where does typo3 save my selection on the backend?
16:07 nd_ a7p: No. automaketemplate+template selector
16:09 mosez hum... it is saved on pages -> tx_templavoila_flex
16:09 mosez but how can i access it on typoscript?
16:10 a7p nd_, you should insert a markers into your div-tags and replace them via TS ... if your bg-imagerules are to complex for TS you have to write user_functions
16:11 mosez i hope tsflexaccess extension can help me
16:11 nd_ a7p: Allright, I'll look into that. Quite new to it, so I dunno how to replace such a marker yet...
16:12 a7p nd_, read the TEmplate-building tutorial for automake_template ... all you need is in there (iirc).
16:13 nd_ a7p: Thanks alot, that should do it then :)
16:14 a7p nd_, ... don't loose patience ... if you've got further questions, don't be afraid to ask.
16:14 a7p someone will point you to the right piece of documentation *g*
16:15 nd_ That's basicly all I'm asking for... not afraid of reading and working it out
16:16 mosez nd_: that looks nice for you too
16:17 mosez so you can define a mapping on template voila and define the image on be and if you activate slide the childs will use this image too :)
16:17 nd_ I'll look into that too... have to search for solutions to fix my rggooglemaps problem first
16:19 mosez omg... it's a beta :(
16:21 Denyerec mosez
16:21 Denyerec if it's saved into a table record
16:21 Denyerec then you should be able to get it out via TSFE
16:21 Denyerec just2b would surely know.
16:23 Denyerec somewhere in here $GLOBALS['TSFE']
16:25 Xatiu hi!
16:26 Xatiu Is there any extension for redirect the user to another page after a specified time interval?
16:27 Denyerec ries are you there ?
16:27 mosez take a look at this... the extension fetches the content from pages table depemnding on the pid
16:28 mosez and then it runs thrue xml2array
16:29 Denyerec as Iw as saying, if it's stored in a table then you might be able tor each it trhough TSFE:table|key
16:29 Denyerec like TSFE:pages|title
16:29 Denyerec or such
16:29 Denyerec TSFE:page|layout rather
16:30 Denyerec TSFE:pages|txtemplavoilaflex['something']
16:32 mosez mkay
16:32 mosez if it is possible it would be really nice
16:35 uriahhee1 void: you around? :P
16:35 void uriahhee1: yes
16:36 uriahhee1 cool :P
16:37 uriahhee1 void: do you know how i would use TSFE:lastImageInfo to get the last image and make a thumnail of it of 113x73px? ;)
16:37 uriahhee1 thumbnail
16:38 void do not remember which fields in lastImagInfo are for what
16:38 uriahhee1 heheh ok
16:38 uriahhee1 well, i have the image path
16:38 uriahhee1 so i did lib.port_img_sml.file = TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
16:39 uriahhee1 hmm, i think i can figure it out on my own
16:39 uriahhee1 sorry for bothering you ;)
16:39 void =)
16:41 jananne My page doesn't CLEAR automaticly when i add news with tt_news! i tried everything :s.
16:43 uriahhee1 hmm, well, that didn't work...
16:43 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml = IMAGE
16:43 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.file = TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
16:43 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.file.maxW = 113
16:43 uriahhee1 void: this should have worked, no?
16:44 void uriahhee1: no. .maxW is property of IMAGE, not fileResouce
16:45 uriahhee1 ah, ok :P
16:45 uriahhee1 void: hmmm, still not working :(
16:48 pfek Hi, does anyone knows the answer to the following question : Within a FE plugin(pi), what is the best way to handle locallangs? php array or XML struct?
16:59 nd_ Still don't find a way to replace ###MY_MARKER### with `style="background-image: bla.jpg"`. Can anyone help me?
17:00 pfek @nd_ : Might help you :
17:01 uriahhee1 hrm....
17:01 uriahhee1 void:
17:01 pfek That is for a simple template, without any kind of inner loops
17:01 nd_ pfek: And where to I place code like this? This ain't TS, is it?
17:01 uriahhee1 void: should this work?
17:01 pfek Ah ok I was sending you a php solution :P
17:02 nd_ pfek: I was more looking into TS. Otherwise I'd have to do it with js, but that's kinda last way
17:02 void uriahhee1: no
17:02 uriahhee1 void: lol, why not? :)
17:02 void uriahhee1: you're trying to copy TEXT into IMAGE
17:02 uriahhee1 to a file
17:03 void yes. but .file is not a TEXT, right?
17:03 uriahhee1 hmmm... what is it?
17:03 void types mismatch, as compiler would say
17:03 uriahhee1 hmm, ok
17:03 void .file is a fileResource
17:03 uriahhee1 but how would i get the lastimage then?
17:04 uriahhee1 void: so, what would you call temp.lastImage?
17:04 uriahhee1 that i can just copy it into the .fle
17:04 void temp.lastImage is TEXT, as you wrote..
17:04 uriahhee1 .file
17:05 uriahhee1 ok
17:05 uriahhee1 so how do i reference that text in the IMAGE's .file?
17:06 void using .import property, i think
17:06 uriahhee1 hmm, ok
17:06 mosez damn fucking flexforms... damn menu generation...
17:06 uriahhee1 void: erm... really? :-/ i don't see how..
17:07 void uriahhee1: find an example..
17:07 uriahhee1 ohh
17:07 uriahhee1 i know how i think
17:07 uriahhee1 1 sec
17:07 void on .import property
17:08 uriahhee1 void: i tried this:
17:08 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml = IMAGE
17:08 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.file = TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
17:08 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.file.import = uploads/tx_templavoila/
17:08 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.maxW = 113
17:08 uriahhee1 but it didn't work...
17:11 EvilEd uriahhee1: where is your image you reference on
17:11 EvilEd maybe therre is no last image available
17:12 uriahhee1 EvilEd: no, it is ;P
17:12 uriahhee1 i tested, and it's the right image
17:12 uriahhee1 EvilEd: right now i simply doesn't create the image... like something in my TS is wrong
17:13 just2b hi
17:14 EvilEd origFile should containing the path so ypu don'Ät need import
17:25 uriahhee1 EvilEd: this doesn't work either
17:25 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml = IMAGE
17:25 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.file = TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
17:25 uriahhee1 lib.port_img_sml.maxW = 113
17:27 EvilEd try to put out text instead of IMAGE
17:27 EvilEd so you get the content of TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
17:27 just2b file is wrong
17:27 EvilEd just2b: i think so to
17:27 just2b should be IMO = ...
17:28 EvilEd ARGS
17:28 EvilEd yes
17:28 uriahhee1 hmm, ok
17:28 uriahhee1 i'll try :P
17:29 uriahhee1 just2b: still not working :-/
17:30 just2b do you really wanna get me looking it up?
17:30 just2b ;)
17:30 nd just2b: May I ask you about a problem I have with rggooglemaps?
17:30 uriahhee1 just2b: lol :P
17:31 just2b nd you may
17:32 nd just2b: Thanks. After the installation, I get in the Extension-Details. Also, I cannot click on the google-map module...
17:32 just2b uriahhee1 = TSFE:lastImageInfo|origFile
17:32 just2b nd > which version, 2.3.?
17:32 just2b ah no you are using 3
17:33 just2b sry tel
17:33 uriahhee1 hmmm
17:33 nd just2b: typo 4.1.5, rggooglemaps 3.0
17:33 uriahhee1 just2b: hmm, ok, thanks... but now it doesn't resize or anything :-/
17:33 uriahhee1 the maxW doesn't work
17:33 Denyerec just2b - how do you output the TSFE to inspect it
17:34 Denyerec cos I'd like to know what's in there
17:34 just2b file.maxW
17:35 uriahhee1 just2b: hmm, ok
17:36 just2b make a print_r or Denyerek
17:36 just2b nd this are no warnings, so no problem
17:36 pfek Anyone knows if it is better to use a php array of a XML file to deal with extensions's locallang
17:36 uriahhee1 just2b: ah, perfect ;) thanks!
17:37 just2b pfek xml
17:38 nd just2b: Still I cannot click on the `google-maps` module. And there's no map displayed on the page... I was closely working with the wiki
17:39 just2b nd is there a url for me?
17:39 just2b you mean the be module?
17:39 just2b press f5
17:39 nd just2b: yes, the be-module
17:39 just2b ;)
17:40 nd Arghs. Sometimes I just don't get t3... thanks alot just2b
17:41 just2b nd, this is with every ext which creates a new be module
17:42 nd just2b: Very good to know
17:43 just2b with 4.2. you can forget it again
17:44 m0oman hm. how important is it to upgrade from 4.1.1 to 4.1.5?
17:45 nd just2b: So I will try more. Thanks
17:46 abhikakade dia
17:46 Denyerec I am back
17:46 Denyerec just2b - how do you print out the TSFE so that you can figure out which field you need?
17:46 mosez just2b: nice to see you...
17:47 just2b mosez why? ;)
17:47 just2b Denyerek anywhere,e.g. your ext
17:48 mosez just2b: i want to get a value of page table. on the field tx_templavoila_flex are some values in xml format. is there another way to get one value for each menuentry while menu generation?
17:48 Denyerec I don't have an extension of my own, though...
17:48 Denyerec Would I write a dummy extension & include it on a page
17:48 Denyerec and then just dump the TSFE from there?
17:48 mosez i found only a way with extensions, but this does not work on my way
17:48 just2b no tv knowledge ;)
17:48 mosez :(((
17:48 just2b you can, sure
17:49 just2b hehe
17:52 void Denyerec: TSFE is huuuge
17:52 just2b void $GLOBALS is bigger :D
17:52 void $GLOBALS is indefinite =)
17:52 Denyerec What's the best way to browse it ?
17:53 just2b simply don't lol
17:53 just2b there is no good way.. justprint it and scroll
17:53 void oh, i mean $GLOBALS is infinite
17:53 mosez just2b: but i think you can help me to get this working -> :)
17:54 mosez it does not work, but i dnot know how to get it working...
17:55 void Denyerec: i think the best way is to open file EXT:cms/tslib/class.tslib_fe.php and read "var" section of class
17:55 just2b you cant place a temp object inside the tmenu
17:55 mosez but it could be overwritten for each menu point?
17:56 Denyerec I should just be able to call print_r ($GLOBALS['TSFE') shouldn't I?
17:57 mosez i only want to append a class to the <a> tag if there is one defined on backend :(
17:57 void Denyerec: you will get a lot of info... it's not so simple to find out what is what in that dump
17:58 uriahhee1 is it possible to add extra parameters to images?
17:58 void Denyerec: when i began to program extensions, i did that. i figured out nothing
17:58 mosez and everything i tried does not work
17:58 Denyerec Well
17:58 Denyerec mosez here needs to get something out of a tv field
17:58 Denyerec so
17:58 Denyerec if that field contains the text "Typo3isabloodywhore"
17:59 Denyerec then it should be possible to grep it, no?
18:00 mosez denyerec: that could be on the page field
18:05 uriahhee1 hrm...
18:05 uriahhee1 is there no way to add a class parameter to an IMAGE? :S
18:05 just2b sure there is
18:06 uriahhee1 just2b: how? :-/
18:06 just2b but why don't you visit > check out IMAGE and just red the some parameters? so hard?
18:06 uriahhee1 heh
18:06 uriahhee1 i usually stick with, that's probably my problem :P
18:06 just2b hard to believe that ^^
18:06 uriahhee1 heheh
18:07 just2b no offense mate
18:07 uriahhee1 hrm... for some reason isn't responding -_-
18:07 uriahhee1 ah now it's there
18:07 just2b ....
18:07 uriahhee1 no worries... i know i'm a leech :S :(
18:08 just2b i shouldnt be that much a seeder
18:10 uriahhee1 yeah
18:10 uriahhee1 i know
18:28 Denyerec mosez did you figure out how to get that value out of the TSFE yet
18:50 mosez denyerec: no
18:54 neabo_ is there any extension whcih would tease newest pages automaticaly?
19:03 schwaiger hi there
19:04 schwaiger can someone help with tv flexforms ?
19:04 schwaiger any whay to acces directly to an flexform ... for example field_classname
19:16 jananne i have like 50 categories in tt_news. When i want to re-categorise the parent categorie and click the icon i get a HUGE server load and after that the page will NOT load.
19:16 jananne Is it a bug?
19:17 jananne i get a blank screen.
19:55 jananne My cache doesnt clear automatically when i'm adding a tt_news-record with tt_news FE editing (news_feedit and mth_feedit). tried in the TSCONFIG 'TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all or ID', tried in the USERTSCONFIG 'options.clearCache.all = 1'.
19:57 jananne also tried to add in in the RECORD STORAGE FOLDER TSCONFIG. didn't work
20:03 pmk65 Hi. Has someone here any experince in XCLASS'ing system extension (sysext), like Indexed Search?
20:20 just2b hi pmk65 sure
20:20 just2b rte and so on
20:29 voidus_ pmk65: yes
21:05 wacky_ hey guys, can the indexed search search outside of Typo3 ?
21:05 just2b what is outside? different website?
21:05 wacky_ like a /wordpress/ subdirectory ?
21:06 just2b no
21:06 wacky_ and the PDF and Word files, can they be outside of /fileadmin/ and be searched also ?
21:06 wacky_ ok
21:07 just2b if they are linked yes
21:07 wacky_ even if they are on another website totally ?
21:08 just2b i am not sure about that
21:08 just2b i dont think so
21:08 wacky_ ok..
21:08 just2b need to be on the same site
21:08 wacky_ ok thanks..
21:08 wacky_ what about under a different /wordpress/ directory for example ?
21:11 Melzmann hi
21:15 wacky_ hi hi,
21:17 void wacky_: do you mean files in wp-content?
21:18 wacky_ void - I don't know Wordpress, I was just asked about Typo3 being able to index the whole world :P
21:18 wacky_ but it's okay, I've found the answers I needed, thanks :)
21:18 void use google for that ;)
21:19 wacky_ yeah, but Typo3 documentation is quite widespread..
21:19 wacky_ sometimes difficult to fall on the right place
21:20 just2b google for searching the files, not the docu
21:20 just2b i guess
21:23 Melzmann Hello
21:23 Melzmann can I install typo3 with a table prefix ?
21:24 just2b no
21:24 Melzmann no chance ?
21:25 just2b no chance
21:27 wacky_ with the LDAP authentication enabled, Typo3 still keeps it's own user database, doesn't it ?
21:28 Melzmann hmmm... this is a disadvantage from typo3
21:28 wacky_ Melzmann: you can't create another database ?
21:29 Melzmann No sorry I must set up typo 3 in an exiting database...
21:29 Melzmann an a prefix is very helpfull
21:29 just2b wacky.. typo3 is not joomla but an enterprise cms.. you won't have fun with it at a cheap server or a free hoster and so the requirements are a little bit highger
21:29 wacky_ I bet you meant Melzmann ?!
21:30 wacky_ Melzmann: a database is very helpful :P
21:30 just2b sry
21:30 just2b yes
21:30 wacky_ :P
21:31 just2b somebody needs to work, so just the small monitor for irc and this stuff
21:35 Melzmann i have only for one datase the login... and no rights to create a new database
21:35 Melzmann database
21:35 just2b see above
21:36 wacky_ on a cheap commodity host ?
21:36 just2b you still can make 3 sites within 1 installation
21:36 Melzmann no i have the login from my customer
21:36 wacky_ is your customer worth 2 bucks a year for a second database ? :P
21:42 just2b wacky_ it seems not ^^
22:07 boej Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/psa/Home/<removed>/... on line 802
22:07 boej Hello, i get alllot of these errors:
22:07 boej ^^
22:07 boej I've added tt_news and after that i added news_feedit and mth_feedit. When i look in the page where i've added the fe news editor i get those errors. help me :)?
22:13 boej Hello, i get alllot of these errors:
22:14 boej Hello, i get alllot of these errors:
22:14 boej Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/psa/Home/<removed>/... on line 802
22:14 boej I've added tt_news and after that i added news_feedit and mth_feedit. When i look in the page where i've added the fe news editor i get those errors. help me :)?
22:14 void boej: enable sqlDebug in install tool
22:15 void and see which SQL queries failed
22:19 boej caller t3lib_DB::exec_SELECTquery
22:19 boej
22:21 nobodyfamouzz hi
22:22 nobodyfamouzz how can i check in typo3 ts setup if a constant is set
22:22 nobodyfamouzz and show some content
22:25 AlexTheGer1 hey guys.
22:25 smeringe hey
22:26 AlexTheGer1 Im looking fo a statistic cool and came across AWStats. My hoster provides logs on a daily basis like "access_log_2008-02-24.gz", so they are compressed. Does anybody know if awstats will work with this files whitout manuel extracting them?
22:27 just2b AlexTheGer1 just take a look how awstats handles them
22:29 boej void: I've made a user for you on my webpage. I'm a noobie and can't figger it out on my own. I need some professional help with this.
22:29 smeringe AlexTheGer1: ..or (I assume you'r using typo3 since you'r here) enable logging with typo3 and install an awstats extension leave your worries
22:29 void boej: ok, pm me
22:29 boej oke
22:30 AlexTheGer1 smeringe: but logging in typo3 will not take care of other folders like "podcast". Am I right with this?
22:30 smeringe true
22:31 AlexTheGer1 I guess I just have to try awstats and the extention
22:32 boej thx void
22:33 smeringe AlexTheGer1: check the awstats faq about compressed logfiles support...
22:42 Jessica Goodevening!!!!
22:42 Jessica I have Direct Mail frustrations
22:42 Jessica can someone help me with that?
22:47 Jessica no one?
23:05 AlexTheGer1 bye
23:10 boej thx void
23:11 void boej: np
23:13 boej If there is a way i could help you, so i could repay the help you gave me, tell me so :)
23:16 void boej: dunno, really =) i have an account on moneybookers, you can send me 1 or 2 EUR